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Sandy Hook Update: Compelling Evidence Adam Lanza Never Existed:

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March 8, 2013 in Politics


March 7, 2013   From: GeoEngineering Exposed; “Global Warming Linked to Advanced Climate Modification Technology”…    @  http://chemtrailsplanet.net  



Reinhard von Holst presents compelling evidence that Adam Lanza never existed.  – If an “Adam Lanza” does exist, a records search reveals no evidence that “Adam Lanza” is related to Nancy and Peter Lanza.  

Then there’s the huge new question:            Who is John Reibe ?

There is a video up that you can see, at least for know… Hoping “We” will see the day that history writes the truth of these times, and the agenda of lies. Those now being perpetrated by a rogue technocratic money power… 

For your consideration: Otter Walks on Two Feet…  08/03/13

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6 responses to Sandy Hook Update: Compelling Evidence Adam Lanza Never Existed:

  1. Infowars wants you to believe that it really DID happen (i.e., that the kids were killed) but it was staged by the government. The government was involed but only running a drill 20 minutes away that was moved to the fire station.

    • This sounds very much like double speak. It was staged ( Political Theatre…), and there was a “Drill” ( a constant we have seen in False Flag events…), then it moves to a fire station…? How about you debunk it with some solid evidence that was not generated by a Globalist Front and other such Minions? Always open to admit I made a mistake when the evidence is from a trusted source… o… 14/03/13 P.S. If I do not hear back, I will have to guess that my first statement stands. Perhaps, that is just the presentation which you have given. It may be that it is too much data compression to make a solid case. Not that the above is solid…

  2. more proof that sandy hook is a government false flag. The real sad part is the sheeple find it easier to believe ABC, CNN than the alternative media.

    • It never happened, it was a hoax. The black and white photo is actually a picture of Michael Phelps from a long time ago. They want to see if you’re paying attention. Some big time actors took part it in though. Just google: “wellaware1 CT” and you’ll see who the usual players are.

      • Greetings, I have yet to be convinced of your statement… Having done considerable research on you suggested “wellaware1 CT”, I find too many discrepancies in the photo comparison of the “Phelps” ( Supposedly used youth photo…) and the photo Written across with “Ghost”, which certainly does not help. However, the ears, nose, mouth, and eye measurements do not match. Yes, people change with age, however we are talking about what is dubbed one and the same photo… As well I read references that send me to other searches as labels like “MTV” among others are used for reference… I would not trust them to speak truth, about anything… Now, having done much research of my own I can find no other frontal photo that can be overlaid and come up with a match… Remember, I did say people do change with age, yet again the ears, especially his left, and other features just do not match. Perhaps you could do some research and return with links that have that exact verifiable photo of “Phelps’ ? … I find much flaw in the alleged accounts compiled by however made the “wellaware1 CT” effort. Given the home references of the developers, I have to discount them at this time as disinformationist. o… 14/03/13

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