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Ron Paul Live Streaming National Delegate at Oklahoma State Republican Convention

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May 15, 2012 in Politics, Resistance, Technology, Video



Oklahoma Republican State convention Live Stream Operator

SURIYAFISH, (Suri, or, Ms. Suriyah Fish), and her sister, Qadoshyah Fish, (Qadoshyah having been an Oklahoma State delegate to the State Republican Convention and now elevated to National Delegate status moving onward to the Tampa RNC), were interviewed by Paco Elijah on Paco Elijah’s podcast at Ron Paul Radio.

Yes, Qadoshyah Fish is now a NATIONAL LEVEL DELEGATE representing the Oklahoma electorate at the Republican National Convention to be held this year of 2012 during the week of August 27, 2012. While not the youngest national delegate to the Tampa RNC at age 23, Qadoshyah Fish is well on her way to fulfilling the goals of the Liberty Movement, (as Congressman Doctor Ron Paul, and Alex, encourage all youth to take control of the direction of our imperiled nation).

Suriyah Fish is the chief camera operator, (Live Stream operator), and senior admin for the “Liberty Live Stream Team” which produced, on location, a now archived Live Stream of the proceedings both inside and outside of the Oklahoma State Republican convention and resultant “Parking Lot Convention”.

The Fish sisters, (Suriyah and Qadoshyah), and good friend Brian Young along with his daughter Hannah Young, operated as a Team to provide the Ustream, “Live Stream”, from the Oklahoma State Republican convention.  If there is any expert to turn to on what really happened at the Oklahoma State Convention, it is the “Stream Team” the “Liberty Live Stream Team”. You can view the archived footage of the events as they transpired at the convention here:

Oklahoma State Republican convention Live Stream Archives

Qadoshyah, Ezriyah, Norayah, and Suriyah, (4 of the eldest of the 11 children born to parents Darwin and Kimberly Fish), together help lead Family Fish in managing their family’s fascinating farm and livestock operations that include ribbon winning show and food stock rabbits, “hair and wool sheep breeds”, and many raw milk bearing goats from which awesome cheeses are made and where many other fascinating events transpire on the grounds of the Fish farm and ranch. They are a family of American small farmers and ranchers.

In the Paco Elijah interview on Ron Paul Radio, Qadoshyah Fish very carefully ran down a well documented, organized, well formulated, chronological and historical recapitulation of the entire Oklahoma event, including, and especially including, the Parking Lot reconvened convention. Of note and of great interest were the 50+ fresh, hot pizzas ordered by Live Stream attendees from all over the United States of America in support of the quorum of convention delegates participating in the Oklahoma Republican State convention re-convened in the Parking Lot of the Norman Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma. The Pizza Bomb was right on target and delivered the goods to the parking lot.

Ron Paul Pizza Bombers is proud to announce the launch of strategies to Pizza Bomb the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Be a part of convention Live Stream events and watch closely for the call to action. To view and participate in the heart warming discussion between Oklahoma State and National delegates and the founding membership of Ron Paul Pizza Bombers expressing their joy at the fascinating connection they shared via Live Stream technology, (and fresh, hot delicious pizza), tune in at the Daily Paul Pizza Bomber Thread.

Qadoshyah was an Oklahoma State delegate and is now ascended to the position of national delegate at the convention, her sister Suriyah was an official volunteer at the convention, so their perspective is quite journalistic, political, knowledgeable and informed and their documentation and reports are certainly representative of a high quality of eye witness finding as to the convention proceedings going forward.

Suriyah furiously pounded her keyboard throughout the convention moderating the Ustream channel and keeping everything flowing smoothly in the social stream, the chat and the Live Stream. A report and further documentation by Qadoshyah is forthcoming in a more detailed and complete format to be published at a future date.

You can download and access the podcast directly here:


You can keep up with Qadoshyah, Suriyah and their “Liberty Live Stream Team” as they make their way to the RNC in Tampa here:


You can of course view the Live Stream archives of the historic Oklahoma State Republican Convention, precedent affirming, Parking Lot Convention here:


Much thanks to the Fish family and their efforts to provide us with the Live Stream and archived coverage of the Oklahoma State Republican convention in Norman, Oklahoma and their ongoing efforts to elect Congressman Doctor Ron Paul to the presidency of The United States of America.

Please enjoy this Ron Paul musical production from the Young and the Fish Families. It’s uptempo, a soft chorus Rock feel, with lead vocals performed by Hannah Young. Hannah’s siblings and members of the Fish family provided backing vocals as well. Hannah was a Live Stream broadcast assistant. Hannah’s younger siblings provided the background and backing vocals. I just don’t know what to say about this other than this is the gift. The Fish and the Young families, (preparing strategies now to enable their plans as the “Liberty Live Stream Team” in Tampa at the RNC), are truly amazing, and yes, blessed.

Ron Paul Will Lead The Way

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