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RICO act and Washington D.C.

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December 1, 2012 in Politics


Well first of all, you need to know at a base level what RICO is.



These two links should help you.

So let’s look at what is going on in the wacky world of politics today.
1) Extortion through mandatory payroll FEES.
The federal reserve is a private business that controls the U.S currency and all the issues of currency except directly the “taxation” of you and I. Well you may say I just proved myself wrong right there. Well hold on. Fascism is the teaming up of government and private business. So since the federal reserve is directly in charge of federal responsibilities they are in fact in league. Do you see it yet?
With the aid of the federal government(so called) they(the federal reserve) operates in the clear and operates a criminal enterprise. Now how would that be? Well since the private federal reserve owns the money and it is subject to the feds recall at a moments notice the D.C is actually shown to be the puppet. Don’t believe me? You believe the media lie the U.S has never been bankrupt?



Well then there it is. That’s when the U.S went bankrupt. 1933. Sound familiar? It should. Alex Jones has covered the gold confiscation many times. Gold was I say again. Gold WAS a U.S asset and backed our dollar.
Now you can find the bigger picture on www.youtube.com and watch the little cartoons explain it in better detail that I ever could. The point is the U.S dollar is a federal reserve note and not subject to the over view of the U.S congress. THAT is why bernake is able to tell the congress no to being transparent.
That is why the congress protects the federal reserve. Imagine the congress playing hardball and the fed recalls all its notes. It would be instant. The reaction to the economy of almost every nation on earth. The U.S would be bankrupt and unable to fund an investigation of the fed.

Did you know the Thomas Jefferson even said a central bank would be illegal due to the Unconstitutional nature of the central bank? Sure he did.


But of course it is for his exact reasoning. A central bank is not enumerated in the Constitution and thus it fall upon the state and citizens.

SO what if the Supreme court has rules a central bank is just? Because they have never been wrong? Come on now. The truth is that the Supreme court is wrong and I wonder what caused them to interpret the Constitution in a manner that forced words into it?
Sure some people point to the commerce clause and other points in the Constitution that have been used to take a hold of sweeping powers and toxic control.

The truth of the matter is that the states should have their own currencies and thus encourage competition. The treasury of the United states could have operated as a currency exchange for outside the Union transactions as well as the tariffs and other government profit centers the they refuse to apply today.
Imagine. Each states culture growing more rich over time, and the amount of competition keeping businesses strong or forcing them under. No, I don’t imagine our money problems would exist as they do today.

So these people are engaged in scandal in just the central bank and monetary policy.
Oh but back to the RICO act. Seeing as this private organization is private then 9 trillion going missing is my humble opinion is their business.
Watch this. Who’s pocket did the monies go into. Now if that were and elected representative, public servant or terrorist then we have a right to know. And seeing as the 9 trillion dollars is directly effecting our republics security then I think that knowing WHERE the monies landed is of more import than the fact that it disappeared.
Now with private monies being used as currency and being backed by corrupt business tycoons word then I also find it worry some that they have their own police AND enforces.

Say hello to the IRS. The IRS is the “internal revenue service” and works to collect taxes. Or what is commonly referred to as taxes. The truth is that The CFR, and SEC uphold the countries (see: empire) money in a checks and balance system. That is why bernie madoff gets into trouble for a ponzee scheme but not the banks. Think about why they fear bank runs so much. Money gets shuffled around and they would have to print a lot to give it to all their customers.
CFR- is described as a private “think tank” and is non partisan. Sure it’s private. But non partisan? Funded by whom?
SEC- A gov organization. That needs money.
Everyone knows everyone needs money. When most if not all of congress is in the CFR you know by default some corrupt s**t is taking place.
And both of those groups have more than one tie to the UN. Namely bill and hillary clinton(headlining in a picture on their site Dec 1, 2012) just off the top of my head. Now those two. They were never in the white house or in affiliation with it right. Oh you know better than that.
So all this power goes through the federal reserve. So then all of the criminality of the elected set and the public servants.
And I think that’s about it. Because I think I wouldn’t have fingers left if I tried to type all the crimes in association with federal reserve notes and the elected, public servants or just the federal reserve.
Like posing as a federal agency. That would be illegal for you or I to do. But since they hold all the cards…
See what I mean?

I don’t know if I’m just rambling or if I’m making a lick of sense to you, but that is a tiny scratch at a very large surface.


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