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Reporter intimidated and booted from town council when asking a question

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July 10, 2012 in Politics


Watch the YouTube video of Phil Berger acting like a heartless politician then the Mayodan chief of police defending the bankster gangster. Make this go Viral!

Unofficial Bodyguard of Senator Berger: Don’t question God Phil Berger or else I will push you back by brute force!!!!!! (Sarcasm)

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: This is all alleged since only I am coming forth about what happened to me. Of course the RockinghamUpdate reporter was around the area as well but I don’t trust RockinghamUpdate as they refused to cover any significant local stories about Mayodan citizens resisting the NDAA 2012 law. I am up for interviews and I promise that everything I say is the truth as it is my duty and responsibility to expose anything that doesn’t seem right. I must tell people what happened while it is fresh in my mind although this has been posted days later after the draft has been made as I fear the police are watching my website and are looking for a way to come after me so I am laying low and publish this at least 3 days after the incident. Remember my witness report is just an alleged report since only I have decided to write on this.

At around July 9th, 2012 during the Mayodan Town Council meeting, things go from bad to worse at the town council meeting, and all I did as a reporter was ask NC State Senator Phil Berger a question before the chief of police forced me out which is in the video I got recorded. Somehow I recorded audio when the cop forced me out the whole time and even left a remark to have fun with the New World Order multiple times before getting my stuff. There was no audio of the cop intimidating me though but at least I got a recording of part of the whole ordeal.

First while the people were around and leaving the cop told me that when the session closes I am suppose to leave out of there so they can have their private meeting before the meeting is entirely closed. I didn’t know all that so I should not have been treated like a criminal. Then of course the cop went further in making sure I never go up to state senator Phil Berger to ask him a question. Then minutes later when I was going to explain to the officer that I have type 1 brittle diabetes, he interrupted me then started telling me that the way I was going up to the state senator with a camera (Like I was in the wrong for that), told me how like those city council meeting videos on TV where someone comes sup quickly to shoot a political official, and acted as though I was coming up to him fast to do something terrible to him or even do something that threatens his life. He said that he knows that I didn’t show that I was intending to do that but then he started saying to me that if I go up to the state senator like that again he will push me back or something like that. Basically he was gonna force me back as if I am gonna hurt him or go into a bar without an ID. That was the way he was acting and being close to me, close to my space. Then I told him I promise I won’t do that again then he badgered me a little bit more then I said I am sorry and said scouts honor then he backed off. Then when my mom came in to the town hall office area to check up on me, whenever she left she saw the chief of police watching us and that gave her a bad feeling.

Mayodan Chief of Police and the entire town council is no doubt apart of the New World Order. They know who I am and they know what I stand for so I will have to lay low after the two postings I will make. Please stand for us or we will all hang separately. Even if they aren’t 100% in on the New World Order money masters they are apart of this partially by some subsidiary group or pack of corporations that work with the Bilderberg Group. The town of Mayodan is not immune to the garbage and BS of the New World Order and that is a fact as a news reporter I have been in 2-3 years.

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  1. Wow it’s all going nuts .. The video is NLA . I could not get it to pull up ..

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