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Politicians and Lawyers are Using Botox to Boost Their Careers

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July 25, 2017 in Politics


The rise of Botox in many regions is definitely worth noting. There are different types of jobs being performed, including the rising interest in foot Botox to help combat the negative effects of wearing heels, but one trend was unexpected. The trend that many people did not see coming is often referred to as Protox, which is something that lawyers and politicians are actively engaging in.

Why are Lawyers and Politicians Turning to Botox?

It might be surprising, but the truth is that lawyers and politicians are turning to this procedure because it helps hide nerves, expressions of shock, or the possibility that they are judging someone.

Those who know a thing or two about these professions understand just how important a poker face is. Politicians must deliver information and take criticism without angering constituents, which is pretty important. The problem is that politicians are still human and will likely make involuntarily facial gestures, exposing their true emotions. These emotions can be damaging for politicians, which is the reason they have to be suppressed.

The same thing goes for lawyers who have to constantly talk to potential clients and earn their trust. Some clients confess certain things to their lawyers and, in order to gain their trust, lawyers must fight their urge to judge. This is where a Botox treatment comes in handy for a lawyer. Furthermore, lawyers also have to make sure they can hide expressions of shock during a court case. No lawyer wants to appear to be caught off-guard by evidence, which could make the lawyer seem defeated and could damage his or her case.

Cosmos Clinic performs Botox injections in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra and have perfected techniques that can help a person achieve desirable results. Some do not want the emotionless look sometimes associated with Botox, but it seems that many professionals not only want it but need it to become more efficient at their jobs.

Other Professionals are Taking Advantage of Botox, too

Other professionals are using Botox to hide their emotions while they work like psychiatrists, stockbrokers, and detectives. It is easy to see why having an impeccable poker face would benefit a person in these professions. Being more efficient at their jobs usually means better results, which leads to better pay. So, in essence, a Botox treatment is like an investment meant to further these people’s professional careers.

Some of these careers also put a person in the spotlight. Sometimes, these professionals have to give interviews on paper or on television. This could mean photographs and screen time, which could make anyone intimidated. Botox treatments help improve a person’s appearance and reduce wrinkles, which ensures a desired appearance.

There is also a large number of women in positions of power who undergo a Botox procedure to hide their emotions, too. This is not only done to maintain a better poker face but also to avoid showing too much emotion at any given time. The reason some women find this vital is to counteract the stereotype that women are excessively emotional. This, in their perspective, helps them appear professional, calm, and always in control.

Another benefit that Botox gives some professionals is the ability to stop sweat. This natural reaction to nerve-wrecking situations is no longer an issue for professionals who go through a Botox treatment. This not only helps avoid embarrassing moments, but it also helps professionals hide their nerves better.

It is quite interesting how effective Botox can be for certain professions. There is no telling what other careers can benefit from such a treatment, but it goes to show that those looking for an advantage can find it anywhere.

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