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Open Letter to Elspeth Reeve of The Atlantic Wire

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May 25, 2012 in Activism, Politics, Resistance


Ms. Reeve,
No sane person can be this ignorant, so I’ll just assume your material today about the birth certificate is your corporate duty as a presstitute. I am an adobe expert with 35 years in computers and information technology. I wasn’t a birther until someone asked me to look at the file. Begrudgingly I looked at it – and I was shocked!

I can tell you that the certificate is fake. 100% guarantied fake. Governor Abacrombie (Hawaii) has already confirmed that a certificate does not exist! That said, you have to look at the other evidence. Pages ripped out of the book in Kenya? OB selling himself as Kenyan born for nearly 20 years? Grandma pointing to the hospital in Kenya where he was born? Kenyan government hansard records where cabinet ministers talk about Obama being born in Kenya?

Please tell me how much evidence it takes to convince a liberal to change his mind? Are you all that pathologically averse to change? Did someone write in your playbook that change=inconsistency?

Are you American? What would it hurt to make the guy who hand is hands on our nukes prove he has the right to do so? It’s a no lose scenario. I’d love to walk away from this, but can’t until Obama/Soetoro/Burnell (or whatever the hell his real name is) proves to me he’s qualified to hold the office of President.

Amendments are being wiped off the constitution faster than ants on a table cloth. When someone who should care, passes the matter off without due regard, I start to wonder where your loyalties are.

Just demand the proof for yourself and see how far you get! What good is a report who can’t smell a fish farm from the end of the driveway?

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2 responses to Open Letter to Elspeth Reeve of The Atlantic Wire

  1. Nick said on May 25, 2012

    Here is Elspeth’s reply that I got just minutes ago. Real mature of this Liberal Reporter!

    From: Elspeth Reeve “Reeve, Elspeth”
    Hahaha, Nick Walsh. “Adobe expert with 35 years in computers”? Prove it. Send me your resume. it better not be faked.

    • Nick said on May 25, 2012

      And my response:

      Ok… so you’re a kid.

      Well, I’m 57 years old. I started programming in 1976 in first year university. Fortran! You likely won’t even know that. I work for a very large organization designing online learning modules using Adobe Captivate and Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio 7. I am an expert with Adobe Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator. I’d love to be an expert at Adobe Flash and Contribute, along with some of their other stuff, but there is only so much time.

      Liberals always attack the person and rarely look at the issue. If you would like, I can create a video for you demonstrating how the fake certificate is created in layers?

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