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Ohio voter votes six times for president Obama election rigged “your votes Do not count”

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March 8, 2013 in Politics


A Person in ohio has voted six times for obama and commited fruad to do it obama has rigged the election that is why romney lost the election
it is on youtube look it up at mansand900 on youtube and the video is lady votes six times for president obama during the presidential election
This is some serious stuff here during the presidential election in 2012 your votes dont count i encourage people to rise up and stop election fruad
it is not right and dishonest we need honest elections not political schems look up the facts on youtube dont ask me look them up
you people need to know whats so just becareful dont let obama find out becasue he will have people arrested he is taking away
i dont bealive in election rigging i think it is wrong and dishonest i am appluad by the globalist who own this country from china
and other places around the world we the people need to ressist the new world order and a communist marxist socialist government
we the people of the united states of america need to stand up our rights are being taken away and im a sick of obama and the globalist
like goldman sachs
watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS77Z57mQBg she uses apsentee ballot

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