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Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Policy – Imminent Doesn’t Mean ‘Soon’, Anymore

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February 6, 2013 in Politics


The Obama administration has just announced that it can kill any American – any time – without “clear evidence that a specific attack” is in the works. Former President Bush and his Oval-Office-Puppeteer, Cheney must be absolutely fuming with jealousy.

Quote:“The administration’s legal justification for drone strikes, outlined in a Justice Department paper that became public Monday night, states that an “informed, high-level official” can approve a strike against an Al Qaeda official, including an American citizen, even without evidence that the targeted person is planning a specific operation.”

“An ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require … clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future,” says the policy paper, which was provided to some members of Congress last summer and released initially by NBC News.”
End Quote.

The Full LA Times Article is Here. Even in Transnational-Corporate-Speak – with soothing references to how it is really no big deal – it is a terrifying read to anyone who has studied history beyond the limited variety taught in government schools to meet the standards set by Robber Barrons (beginning about 100 years ago in the USA – see here). Imminent does not mean “soon” anymore? Really? Someone has been reading their Orwell, and it is not the American people, I’m afraid.

This takes “Pre-Crime” to a new level far more insane than the movie “Minority Report.” In that film, your “future actions” had to be something that would happen soon. Under the new Obama Justice Department policy, if the government thinks you might commit a crime sometime – whenever – in the future, they have declared that they can just kill you right now.

Sound like a “conspiracy theory?” Certainly that would be the charge – maybe they would call me a “droner” – if they had not ADMITTED the whole thing. In fact, a senior Democratic aide on the Senate Intelligence Committee remarked,”If anything, I would argue it’s a helpful thing, in that it removes some mystery and conspiracy theories.” Not removes, sir – This confirms our worst fears – our “rulers” have now confirmed that they are Capable of Anything.

I ask you, dear reader, to recognize that this is even worse than the USSR, where one at least got a “show trial” before the state executed you. I suppose this takes the “shock” out of the now accepted policy of “indefinite detention” for any person, Americans included, who becomes an Enemy of the State. Locked up forever without a trial and evidence or simply blown to bits? Perhaps the latter could be considered more humane.

To be clear, This Is Not A Movie – This Is Real! No evidence – no trial – no proof of anything is required – just Death From Above on the order of an “informed, high-level official.” Yes, those are the exact words from the newly released (to the public) document. Need we even wonder what “informed” means?

The article goes on to say how the response from Congress has been “muted.” Now that Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are gone, I suppose there are no members left who bother to even pretend to care about silly notions like “Due Process,” anymore. As it turns out, Congress was let in on this little secret before the general public was told that this is an existing, ongoing policy.

I suppose it is a comfort to know that you won’t hear the drone before its missile blows your body into little chunks of meat, bone, and blood-spray. Do you think I am being unnecessarily graphic? Tell that to the friends of those being murdered across the world right now the USA government and friends – without question one of the Most Violent regimes known in the history of our planet, with the highest incarceration rate in its “homeland” of any nation in the history of the world – a regime run for the benefit of Transnational-Corporate Terrorists who are stealing every resource left to humanity by our creator. Tell them to “just settle down” and, by all means, to “respect Americans,” as they search for bits and pieces of their loved ones to bury.

As you are reading this, innocent people are being murdered. “So what – Not Me and Mine,” you say? I suppose the Obama and Bush families share your sentiments as they sit down to dinner with people who have killed far more innocent people – children, even – than any of the famous mass-murderers presented in the “official history” – a “history” full of clever omissions, which was written by these most ruthless predators of humankind.

Yes folks, your President is a mass-murdering piece of garbage no better than a mafia-Don. No different, to any significant degree, than the one before him.

And if you haven’t read enough history to know that these policies always start with some “fringe group” of “terrorists” before being extended to everyone else, then you have some very important reading to do. Pick any era – any locale; when the State goes down this road, the story always ends the same way.

- – Originally Published at humansandresources.org – -

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