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Obamacares true colors come through

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January 6, 2013 in Politics



Today as reported on FOX health care premiums are starting to rise by a 20% to a 30% increase now that 2013 has rolled around and Obamacare has kicked in. One promise “The Great Dictator” has promised would… not happen during his illegal force of passage of the bill.

Mean while as predicted on Forbs


People have noticed a significant increase in their tax rates decreasing their take home pay, leaving me to ask once again, how does forcing insurance even make sense on a taxed “benefit”? Heres the answer. It don’t. It decreases the compeitive value being that it is forced, increasing the premium cause they can, and the benefits are getting ready to decrease because they can offer less, get away with it and pretty much tell you anything they want to make you continue to buy.

It only makes sense to the suppliers and congress because they are the ones making and saving all the money in the end and mean while congress was given the first shot to “op’ed out” so they could still choose their own doctors, and what insurance provider they may choose while still setting regulations on the common citizen with out having to live up to the same regulations them selves.

Mean while congress and the insurance providers are happy, the ones “not paying their fair share” in Hollywood and Nasscar get their tax breaks while everyone else gets to pay a little more and get allot less and congress under executive order gets higher pay while continuing to over spend and make everyone’s life miserable.

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  1. Don’t forget all the employers about to cut employees down to 20 hours a week to avoid Obamacare laws, so more people on welfare, because no one will be able to get a full-time job.

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