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OBAMA: The Next Dictator

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September 21, 2012 in Politics


OBAMA: The Next Dictator
Copyright Ronald Boldt Sept. 21, 2012

During his bid for election, Barak Obama, AKA Barry Serrano, had use catch phrases such as change and Hope. What he should have used was a catch phrases of lies and deceptions.

The public didn’t realize that Barak Obama became an overnight sensation using a PR aspect of selling the “Obama Brand.”

To many Americans who fell for his so called charm and personality, only have to blame themselves in the mass marketing campaign the same type that is used to sell cheap beer, wine and TV reality shows.

But let us look at his charming personality; he has the inability to speak in public without a teleprompter a script written by political writer. Is this a man has a personality myself and many others say no.

He has tried his hardest at humor during his press meeting making a blanket statement that we have cruise missiles. His quote, “remember these two words, Predator drone.” This was really funny. Not. During the press meeting they had to lobby their dubbed the laugh track, or have the last marquee flashing.

During his campaign for presidency, he was a Peace Dove; yet says he’s been in office he had ordered Predator drone attacks into Pakistan, killing over 32 innocent men and women and children in just one attack; ordered predator drone attacks into Afghanistan villages in the hopes of killing” possible” or “suspected” terrorists, killing thousands of an armed men and women and children. Yesterday afternoon he had ordered the launching of 110 tomahawk cruise missiles in to Libya; early Saturday he had stated to Libya “there will be blood.” On this he was a man of his word, word of Libya stated that several cruise missiles had struck and killed innocent man women and children along with destroying power substations, infrastructure, and water treatment facilities.

The American Media has yet to report accurately and fairly the number of civilian casualties that was killed in these attacks under orders from Barak Obama. William Randolph Hearst had once said “we are not here to report the news; we’re here to create the news.” The American Media has lived and thrived, even prospered under this concept.

Unlike yesteryear with the likes of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, there is no longer truth in the media. Walter Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in America; what has ever happened when to the concepts the early journalists had strived for?

Yes, Barak obama has found his new toy, the predator and the tomahawk.

Over 90% of the Americans and British population have stated that we do not need in the war, let alone bring our troops home from the Middle East. Yet the elected officials have refused to listen to their constituents and have created another war all for the military industrial complex, and war profiteering by the elite, neoconservatives, and the new world order.

The American people must demand, that either we have these unjust wars or our elected leaders and will have to be voted out of office.

How many more innocent people must die at the hands of American dictator and tyrant who constantly violate United States constitution with the sole intent of being the last American president?

Our elected officials cannot see no understand, if that the people in the Middle East that does not want desire or need us to be there; if we are to do what is called Pax Americana and then we must do this to all nations instead of a few that are rich in mineral and oil reserves.

It is shocking to see that our elected officials, the American public, and the even our NATO Allies cannot perceive the ramifications of starting world war three one nation and one country at a time. The only other superpower, China, has denounced this action has been unjust.

Are we to be truly a nation of democracy and justice or an empire with a tyrant at the helm who rules of the iron fist?

When will the American public realize that the Americas of our forefathers are now a distant fond memory?

The answer to 1984 is 1776.

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