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News of The “Evil Forbidden” Path Through The Matrix:

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December 12, 2012 in Politics


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3 responses to News of The “Evil Forbidden” Path Through The Matrix:

  1. The way out of the matrix will be just like the move, The Matrix. We will have to ditch our cell phones, computers, all forms of debt and our social security numbers and our IDs for that matter. Remember how long it took to catch the unibomber?

    • greetings. I have zero devices, have never used a cell phone and get use of this “Mac” by gift (Or Not! ), I have always felt that the WWW was what most people think of as the great Satan… So, here I stay, for my Elders said, it was for me, to tell the story… I have no I.D. of any nature, no hard line phone #, (I do not need it all the messages I need to hear find their way to me. I am self taught with time since around Fukushima, I have been using a laptop… It has had a color form over the lens, and the microphone is dampened. Oh, I just remembered I use StartPage & “Glim”… Never really had time or lived where I had T.V. reception, but on the safe side I would say I killed my T.V 4 decades plus ago… I can go to Canada by way of the Rez… and I have searched for a long life to find sanctuary with no real perfection across the board… Really, you are at home whereever you are Here and Now… Be well, Thank you for the comment and contact… Survive-All… Otter Walks on Two Feet… Iroquois, Mohawk-Member Longhouse Medicine Society… Card carrying Member of The Native American Church… That is not legal I.D. per se… (?) So” Onward through the fog…” Oate Willie…

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