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NEW FLAG – Separate or Die

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November 15, 2012 in Politics


texas secession

I made this for everyone to share. Please feel free to redistribute.

Read the article – Ron Paul’s Final Speech – Time To Secede?

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[p.s. Anyone who has Adobe Illustrator, please convert it to a vector based file format for flag printing to giavellireport at google dot com thanks]

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2 responses to NEW FLAG – Separate or Die

  1. When you fight a battle in your mind, it can only become a truce. These entities some see as controlling them; don’t.
    What is it you want to achieve; Freedom?
    Define it; The ability to go and do whatever you want, at any time you choose.

    Who stops you from achieving freedom; The government? Are you in a prison? Otherwise, the world is your oyster. All limits to self satisfaction exist only in one’s self imposed morays and scruples. So, essentially, as human being, you can basically do whatever you “want” regardless of sociological-geographic location on earth.. The story’s throughout history are endless. Potest ex casa magnus vir exire – Seneca; A great man can come from a hut.

    It would be great if we all just took a deep breath and catch up for a bit, and perhaps we are presently, Lord knows we have had enough drama to last 50 more centuries. In perspective, the current paradigm, while still somewhat violent, is receding in violence. When you look at a world globe you can see the horror of human genocide, murder, war death, refugee abuse, horrid monstrous tyrants et al. has been relegated to a pinpoint on the earth.– North west Africa, Mid east., Is this the nexus point wherein the world collapses or becomes self aware?

    The whole point is; this is all out of our hands and yet our hands are what guides it. Try not to be angry or upset or hateful about it or “them” We are all just playing out our parts in the grand tapestry. Love the person right next to you, look them in the eye and connect in to them: like that wacky avatar flick< : Let them know you love them and see them. The Hindu's have a saying; Namaste… It means I see you, or I see your light. And to those of you who think this is new agey shit… It ain't about you nor I.

  2. I like the one on the left.

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