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national conflict

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October 14, 2017 in Politics


Can nations live together in peace or is it all about domination? I ain’t calling for centralization either… fuck my life being centralized around another man. So who will be the global ruler…. one individual put above all… that person will practically be the measure of ‘our success’ if of being in the world, dictating all within its reach/control. Have already made it so no one has permission to be free.

Control and command? That’s what this damn government is all about. They act like the people are inherently wrongful and freedom is a danger. Why is that… because they’re about oppression. They’re also not really any better than the rest of us. ‘Rights’ are meant for the government to serve, it’s not a restriction among we the people. The “bill of rights” means that they’re in debt to us. If this country is really about us, than by the terms set, servants should rule and reflect not only the consensus but moral law.. natural law.

Nature is given a negative connotation from the world because that’s who they’ve gone up against. It’s a paradox, people came from and need the earth but already have plans to use her up. Humans were supposed to be apart of the ecosystem and not separate ourselves into space/emptiness. Even with everything the world has to offer people are more unfulfilled than ever were.

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