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Library of Congress Has Archive of Tweets, but no plan for its public display: ah,right…

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January 4, 2013 in Politics


Here is a Reuters note on this… 

“Max Rossi/Reuters” - ”In the two years since the Library of Congress announced the unprecedented acquisition project, few details have emerged about how its unwieldy corpus of 140-character bursts will be made available to the public.” 

Note that it has been two years by this account since the admission… 


The Washington Post reports…  

By Adrienne LaFrance, Published January 3, 2013

“We know from the testing we’ve done with even small parts of the data that we are not going to be able to, on our own, provide really useful access at a cost that is reasonable for us,” Dizard said. “For even just the 2006 to 2010 [portion of the] archive, which is about 21 billion tweets, just to do one search could take 24 hours using our existing servers.”  

That is saying since 2006, tax payers have paid ( If only tax dollars were used in this Nation for this Nation! ) the Library of Congress, to Data Mine your “Tweets”! 

Questions? Do you see it?  

Food for thought… o…   01/04/13

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