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March 22, 2017 in Politics


So anything and everything Obama signed is VOID. If the birth certificate being shown false and has been is then used as a force of the law… what is it that would be required to happen.. lets explore not this now known fact but instead lets look at what the results of enforcement could be or should be you decide an entire 8 years erased., then obamacare is gone so is any treaties, act, laws, as he was never entitled to be president and never had authority to sign anything for or as the President..


this site is a mess but so is everything happy on the net… tampered with just like this site.

But how cool would it be if all the presidential commandments were all, just simply gone. They will have to roll all the laws back to before he was president… anything he signed, is a fraud… again easy to prove harder to enforce. but this is what you get when you have criminal embedded in to our governments at all levels.

seems easy to prove … and harder to enforce as the only remedy…

See 19USC1001 as anyone that helped him is also guilty of treason. But prior to having done so, they also have violated 18usc1001, and this is the trigger that will make it a automatic act of law to do so. This is basic stuff as concerning the law and easy to determine as the recourse. However i wonder how many are going to come forward and argue for exactly what they are guilty of as well, to remain in effect and off the books…

OOOHHH HAY that also means OBAMA’S authrization was also void! meaning the NSA does not have funds not authority to act… NO FINDING FOR THE TSA RIGHT NOW>>> WOW THIS IS GREAT>>> we can put just what is really needed in place that follows both positive and criminal laws… and force them to realize trickery is a criminal act and can get you 10 years to life… how many will be in jail for unspeakable deviation from the law..

Well this should prove interesting as to what they will argue not to be void, and what they choose to keep like civil forfeiture, and the strange unaffected TSA that has been the cause of many missed flights with nonrefundable tickets.

So i tell you what… i give a 50/50 chance that this will be resolved 50% by in the time of 10% of what it took to put them in place. That should be around 3-4 years of civil battles going on in congress and any other size or manner of jurisdiction… each will start following anything they wish rather then being uniform at all.

Sadly this could go on another 10 years and would be so deeply embedded in all the other laws created in now the last 18 years, 8 he was president and 10 that it took to make the decision. that it would be then impossible to remove a thing.

To tell you the truth… as i am thinking about this. Is that the last hope for them now? is to stall and stall til the crooked laws supporting the activities they have personal interest in are overturned.

Case in point,,, Coal industry and all the other power companies now can continue to operate. meaning more jobs and cleaner air by true scientific study, not political based science such as global warming so as to reduce the amount of people that could make money on creating energy for the towns… Yep i bet they had deals like giving their brother in law or son a contract with the Chinese and then forcing farmers and ranchers off the land he wants to push… oh by the way it is for the Chinese energy company not anything here from the us.. why because nobody would filter money threw my son so as to make the land grab in the US?

Oh yaa!!! Bundy ranch… anyone look up what and why of that….??? have fun.. and they say they did something wrong,,, all they did was to prevent a crime… if they were wearing uniforms committing a crime there is no difference…

So gear up and let it be known, if that articular was true, the birth certificate document having been false, will overturn everything… it is up to us to uphold the law and demand it be upheld without political favor. We must have them all removed not one at a time or some of these or those but all as the law would dictate, not a politician.

If there is things desperately needed, or necessary for some government reason, then let Trump sign it into law. it is already wrote up and appoved right
? so a valid president can now sign it right away NO PROBLEM… so the problem wold not be repealing obamacare but restoring it to what it was prior to screwing it up… then maybe something designed to work could be considered.

Well you decide what to do.. you read this all the way down to here.. did you check out the link? and you know the BC is fake, it has been proven already independently and now they have his real one… oh boy… yes it will be up to you and me to spread the word as to what the law is. and allow the intent of justice and prosperity take its place.

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