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Karl Rove Takes On the Tea Party to Save the GOP From Itself

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February 21, 2013 in Politics


Karl Rove Takes On the Tea Party to Save the GOP From Itself.

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3 responses to Karl Rove Takes On the Tea Party to Save the GOP From Itself

  1. The first mistake that the,”TEA PARTY” made is calling themselves the TEA PARTY. The other, was thinking they could peaceably assemble w/o the Pre-emptive staging of Rasism, by the race bating media. You Know it’s true!!! Look, Get right with God and know that you are right in your perceptions! As Alpex say’s ” It’s real folks” Shawshank Rede4mption !! … Get ready to live, or get ready to die. This is not a game. Throw away your T.V. Incrimentalism put 6 million JEWS in ovens, and it will ….. kill us too.

  2. Perhaps the TEA PARTY is what the founding fathers intended. Tea Party people understand the constitution and the bill of rights as it was intended. So what is wrong with everyone else? Greed, bribes, corruption too much power just to name a few issues. After WWII the military industrial complex kept going! Bigger, wealthier because of tax payer money. Remember before WWII, our government was small! Our national military was small and state militias were big! We are supporting a too big military, and a retired military. We are supporting a nonworking class, disabled and welfare. And don’t forget foreign aid and the prison industrial complex. Taxing us at 100% of our incomes could not pay all those bills! What does this have to do with our two party system, they both voted for it all these years!!! And they voted themselves a generous health care and retirement. That’s why they hate the Tea Party, that why they blame the Tea Party!! What do you think???

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