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Karl Marx: The Three Goals of Communism

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October 3, 2012 in Politics


In the classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy Gary Allen lays out what certain powerful individuals wish to accomplish: Worldwide Communism.

His definition for Communism is: An international, conspiratorial drive for power on the part of men in high places willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim-global conquest.

Every day I check the news it appears America and the rest of the world inch closer to Worldwide Communism. In the US our freedom of religion, rights to a fair trial, and right of privacy are being taken from us.

Karl Marx, in Communist Manifesto said that to achieve a socialist dictatorship three things would have to be accomplished: (1) The elimination of all right to private property; (2) The dissolution fo the family unit; and (3) The destruction of religion.

We still have private property, but certain levels of our governments charge exhorbant property taxes and enforce an almost-impossible-to-achieve enforcement code. The government can also take away our privacy with cameras, television and computer scanning, recording us with our own cellphones, peering into our cellphone records, reading our library records, and scanning our credit card purchases. Where’s the privacy going?

Also, many mortgage companies, with the blessing of the government, offer what is known as a reverse mortgage. They target the elderly and give you money for your home, but take your home’s title deed, leaving you property-less.

The government so far has not directly attacked the family, but they are denigrating marriage in a roundabout way. First, they will eventually legalize gay marriage, which will marginalize the institution of marriage. If two men can get married, then marriage becomes a joke. What’s next-legalizing marriage between adults and children? Between humans and animals?

Finally, religion has been attacked by all three sectors of government. You cannot display a Christmas manger scene in your own front yard in many towns. And today, Christians are coming under siege for displaying signs at sporting events which list a scripture. The mainstream media has entered the picture, normalizing adultery, fornication, the gay lifestyle, crime, hatred, mayhem, murder, and every other vice you can think of. Plus, when Christianity is mentioned in the media, it is often in a suble and not-so-suble derogatory manner.

Enjoy what freedoms we still have. But unless you and I become more active in taking America back from what Gary Allen calls the ‘Insiders,’ we will lose what few rights we still have. Then the world will be ruled in a totalitarian manner. And this will happen within my lifetime.

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  1. Hi, can you tell me where to find these 3 goals listed in the Communist Manifesto? If I knew what section it’s in that would help. I’m doing a paper for a discussion in class and would love to do it on the goals of Communism, but I need to be able to cite a scholarly source. Thanks so much and thank you for doing what you’re doing!

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