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James Holmes+Black Bloc=Black Ops: Further proof of a False Flag Terror Attack against the 2nd and 1st amendment

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July 21, 2012 in Politics


It’s pretty much confirmed that the person identified as the person responsible for the mass-shooting in Colorado, James Holmes, is being tied to the anarchist organization Black Bloc. I say that with some hesitation after the initial ABC report tying James Holmes to the Tea Party, which was later retracted by Brian Ross and ABC News turned out to be false. But the articles circulating on the internet connecting James Holmes to the anarchist group Black Bloc, would be more consistent with a profile that the government would use as a patsy to demonize not only the 2nd amendment, but the 1st amendment as well.

The anarchist organization Black Bloc has been identified by peaceful protesters at G8 Summits in Seattle, Toronto and Chicago, and by Occupy Wallstreet protesters in various cities, as being radically violent police agent provocateurs in order to demonize the protests in the minds of the general public.

False flag op G20 Toronto Black Block get green light to rampage
Quebec police admit they went undercover at Montebello protest
Occupy Wall Street’s ‘Solidarity Sunday’: What Are ‘Black Bloc’ Protesters?

Also, James Holmes was a grad student of neuro studies at Colorado University, just a few miles north of Denver, which is ground central for secret government operations, that conducted a city wide terror drill last year. Before that, we can assume James Holmes lived with his family in San Diego at some time, which is the home of the Imperial Beach Naval Air Station, the United States Naval Radio Station, the United States Naval Amphibious Base, the North Island Naval Air Station, Fort Rosecrans Military Reservation, the United States Naval Training Center, the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. And just north of the city sits the massive Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

Then when you combine all of that with the latest reports linking James Holmes to the agent provocateur organization Black Bloc, and the Senate vote to ratify the UN’s Small Arms Gun Ban Treaty in 2 weeks. The whole Movie Massacre in Colorado was an obvious government sponsored false flag attack. While most of you on Planet Infowars are saying “DUH, tell us something we don’t know.” My point is that it was not only an obvious false flag attack against the 2nd amendment, but by connecting James Holmes to a radical anarchist protest organization makes it a false flag terrorists attack against both the left and right who organize to exercise their 1st amendment liberties peacefully.

Anarchist, are generally considered as extremely conservative, and despised by mainstream good ole’ boy military and cop conservatives. While G8 Summit and Occupy Wallstreet protesters are considered liberal. By linking James Holmes to a radically violent anarchist organization like Black Bloc, it demonizes both the right and the left exercising their first amendment liberties to protest, while also demonizing the 2nd amendment right to lawfully own firearms. Just as the NDAA Bill was recently passed and signed, and weaponized spy drones in America are being announced, and the UN Small Arms Gun Ban Treaty is coming up for a vote in the Senate.

Also, James Holmes lived in an apartment located in a predominately black neighborhood, and shot up a theater that’s predominately occupied by black men, woman and children. I won’t be surprised if James Holmes is eventually characterized as a racist anarchist protester who bought guns legally to go on a homicidal rage in order to shoot black people. Which would make the Aurora, Colorado Massacre a 3 pronged government sponsored false flag terror attack against the 2nd and 1st amendments, and to get a race war going at the same time. The Huffington Post is already calling the massacre in Colorado “The Horror in Aurora”. Like it’s a Muhammad Ali boxing match against George Foreman or Joe Frazier.

UPDATE: It appears that the stories circulating on the internet linking James Holmes to the agent provocateur anarchist organization Black Bloc is another false story. Which I’m actually relieved to hear, because I thought they were going to use that anarchist narrative to demonize the peaceful assembly of both the left and right. It seemed like a perfect tool that they could use, but I guess the military industrial corporate media is just putting a bunch of fake stories out there to confuse people. I would have “Trashed” this posting, but there’s some good information included in this article that makes a pretty strong case that the massacre in Colorado was in fact a staged false flag attack. But, the James Holmes stories connecting him to Black Bloc does appear to be false.

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5 responses to James Holmes+Black Bloc=Black Ops: Further proof of a False Flag Terror Attack against the 2nd and 1st amendment

  1. Here is the thing with the complex bombs that can’t be disarmed for days. That gives them cover to analyze the progress of the information from a data steam and social perspective, so that when they finally do “gain access, they can then release the found new information in the direction the need it to be tweaked.

    • I agree, and like 9/11, there’s the initial shock value of the false flag attack to be exploited. Then more information will emerge about James Holmes in the direction the military industrial complex and the media want to guide it. My guess is that James Holmes will be characterized as a racist anarchist who was striking out against the man by shooting a movie theater full of black men, woman and children. It doesn’t make any sense why someone would do that, but as we’ve seen in the past, the media’s narrative is not intended to make sense, only to demonize the liberties it wants to take away from the citizens by characterizing terrorist patsies who can be stereotyped as the evil face of the liberties the military industrial complex wants to take away.

  2. Yep, and keep in mind that since anarchist are perceived to either be radical right or radical left, it reenforces the the mainstream right’s propensity to go along with gun control at a psychological feeling level, which they are quite good at, despite making fun of the left for exactly the same thing, though the right is usually based more so on hostility than the left. As I said earlier, they do seem to be getting better at the game then they have been, at least on the small scale level. Course, maybe the AI models for calculating such events for maximum cost benefit and goals, are getting better too.

    • That these weapons that he used are the typically issued police weapons, and pretty much typically issued police gear too, and they now claim that he was Black Bloc, also seems to send a message to those who are awake, something else they like to do to rub it in the face of those who are.

  3. J said on July 21, 2012

    Great article and aligns precisely with my view. For anyone unaware of Black Bloc and government ties, I am in Seattle and was here for the 1999 WTO protest when Black Bloc went untouched while rampaging the city as police stood back watching. One of our city officers quit his job and gave an interview on local news that they were ordered not to intervene with the group. The group first illegally occupied a commercial building and forced the business owners out without arrest. They were then housed in a city owned building while police patrolled the street outside until leaving after the protest ended without prosecution for any crime. The day following the Black Bloc’s rampage martial law was effectively brought in and enforced over the law-abiding and peaceful protesters. We had national guard and police working together doing bag searches on street corners, confiscating any protest “paraphernalia” such as gas masks, signs, pins etc, and enforcing curfew. With the several other instances of Black Bloc being seen wearing police issued boots etc, there is no doubt anymore that the Black Bloc is a government sponsored organization to demonize protest gatherings and create false justification to restrict Constitutionally guaranteed rights. If Holmes leads to Black Bloc and Black Bloc leads to government black ops, then what does that make Holmes? Pretty clear.

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