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Who Killed the Children?

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December 16, 2012 in Politics


Within 40 Days of the Rigged Election of a Tyrant, 20 Children Are Dead
December 17, 2012 · · in corrupt government · WWW.CollapseReport.Com

“The maliase of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous, the failure of the democratic states to act together before the monster was fully grown in the beginning when it counted most leadership failed. It is our obligation to remember so it will never happen again.” – Winston Churchill

Are we cowards or men? How long does this go on before someone says ENOUGH we are not going to go along this is not Hitler’s Germany we will not suffer twenty bloody children at the hands of a madman. Which of you are man enough to stand up and say NO we will not accept this. We will not be silent. This man of dubious pasts and credentials has now been involved in the murder of US citizens including a sixteen year old boy who never did anything against this country, presided over a policy of dismantling our constitution, gave ten thousand machine guns to mexican drug dealers, and now the murder of twenty innocent children and we are not to be outraged?

Yes we are told a shy 20 year old did this. Dressed in a mask and combat fatigues. Just like the Batman shooter was dressed in a mask and combat fatigues. Just like the Oregon mall shooter was dressed in a mask and combat fatigues. But they made one mistake. The Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle, the one that was to be the target of all their disarmament speeches, Adam Lanza at the last minute left in his car’s trunk. It never made it to the school. Yet, .223 shells were litered all over the floors and in the bodies of small children. so I ask you again, WHO KILLED THESE CHILDREN.

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