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I’m Calling It Right Now – Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting A False Flag

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July 20, 2012 in Politics


This Aurora Colorado theatre shooting has all the earmarks of a false flag attack that was done to justify pushing through the UN Small Arms Treaty in the U.S., plus other things like heightened security at movie theatres and other venues, etc.

I say this because the event itself, as well as the media buzz is too scripted – a gunman wearing a gasmask, body armor and carrying a rifle, handgun and teargas or smoke bomb – walks into a movie theatre undetected and deploys the gas then opens fire at a point during the movie when there’s a shooting scene happening on the big screen.

Then it takes the mainstream media a few hours to even start reporting on the story. But when they do finally report on it, all outlets go full-bore playing the same details of the story repetitively and relentlessly, as if they had waited to plan the story and get the go-ahead early in the morning when the most people would be watching the morning news, the drive-time radio coverage in their cars as they’re driving to work, etc. It all started getting coverage early in the morning Eastern Standard Time so that as the rest of the U.S. wakes up it’s the dominant story that sets the stage for everyone’s day. Too perfect.

Then there’s the fact that with this story dominating the media and thus dominating the minds of the masses, there are things happening elsewhere in the world that are not being reported at all. So the public’s attention is now diverted away from other important issues.

Again, too perfect.

I’m calling it – This is a false flag of some sort. There will be a bigger event happen somewhere in the world today, July 20 or in the coming days that will not get the airtime it deserves… something huge.

On my blog post at this link is a screenshot of my twitter page. The first tweet (at the bottom) was made at approx. 7:45am EST on July 20, 2012 after I realized that the media reporting of this shooting didn’t start until early morning rather than immediately after the event itself.

I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about later because I’ll be following everything I can find about this event as it unfolds over time.


This post first appeared on my blog here: http://paulshort.com/other-stuff/aurora-colorado-theatre-shooting-false-flag

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14 responses to I’m Calling It Right Now – Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting A False Flag

  1. Now you will have to get strip searched just to see a movie!
    Exactly what the TSA and govt. want!

  2. Here’s one to consider – “Midnight Massacre in Theatre No. 9″

  3. Hey everyone, someone from a government building in Denver just commented on the post on my blog here. http://paulshort.com/other-stuff/aurora-colorado-theatre-shooting-false-flag#comment-1234 I looked up his IP addy and found the longitude and latitude of his location. I won’t publish the map or details because that’s just wrong to do to anyone, but I had to confirm. 100% COINTEL Pro agent.

    • A second comment from a government building in a different city in the US. I use the IP address their comment was made from, pop it into an app that gives me the latitude and longitude coordinates, then use google earth to pinpoint the locations. Both markers fall right on the roofs of gov buildings in google earth. Freakin awesome tools for sniffing out cointel pro agents.

  4. No this guy was on some type of drug—-always shows that they are the most easily lead. like the ones form columbine—these boys were on drugs too.

  5. d said on July 20, 2012

    War criminal Benjamin Netanyahu has wasted no time blaming the attack on Iran. Also, a few old people died in their sleep; Netanyahu expects Iran was involved in that too.

  6. An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.

  7. I;m starting to think a recent vet.

  8. Funny all the attention on how they took down critical reviews before the flick was released to bring undo attention to it, and then THIS. You may be on to something.

  9. Yeah, it sound pretty pat. Babies killed or injured too. Save everything so we can see how the story changes.
    Here the RT report. Note the pictures at the bottom that claims 2 injured, not even killed.

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