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If we all Started Saying “No”

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December 2, 2012 in Politics


Who’s tired of being constantly I.D.ed or asked for “proof” of I.D. or asked for their SSN just to rent a video or on a medical paper they are filling out? If you are then I suggest an interesting idea, what if we all just started saying “No” when people ask us for I.d.s to buy cough medicine or to open an account? How will it bode for companies if America just says nope not going to do it and we don’t want your product. I have grown rapidly tired and disgusted by how “normal” people and companies think it is to have laws, rules or policies demanding private information from citizens that’s really none of their business. In addition, since when is it the right or duty of every average worker to become honorary investigators for the government? Normally that kind of a search would/should require a warrant. This type of conduct is turning real people into fake plastic cards and numbers because apparently if you don’t have or know your magic numbers you’re not a human and you must be committing some crime. I for one have started a new policy. I refuse to be I.d.ed or to reveal my SSN number to anyone for any purpose except for Social Security purposes unless a warrant is issued. I f all American’s would adopt this policy then we can preserve our right not to be pieces of plastic and paper, and to be innocent until proven guilty and to be who we say we are unless others can prove otherwise.

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12 responses to If we all Started Saying “No”

  1. We’d have to buy goods from our neighbors instead of businesses since they have to abide by state and local laws. Politicians implemented these measures so these local and state doucheheads are the ones to confront for pushing and passing these regulations to begin with~

    • Actually I disagree, most of the requests for this info is in fact NOT legally required. So if the people stood up for themselves the businesses would have to decide if they want no customers or customers.

  2. You say “no”, they say “leave”.

    I’d rather people learnd their rights for the TSA than for retail outlets that people should boycott in the first place for the fact it’s made in baby-killing communist china.

    Boycott, abstain, replace. Buy local.

    • It’s not just about retailers I’m talking about , but you’re right, the people need to acknowledge that the TSA is an unconstitutional entity working as an agent of the government, performing searches and seizures without warrants.

  3. Since the emergence of the web I’ve been using fake information. You can find me on facebook: Bob Shen Anigon. Realistically, though, there is no sufficient union of people to say no in any substancial way other than to cause, say, a day of no body scans (which doesn’t actually amount to much, as that’s one day out of the rest of the year). You can’t change most systems as a nearly powerless, small minority. If anything, you have to create alternative systems where possible. Two options: create a sort of “consumer reports” to rate the morality of companies, or start your own moral companies.

  4. I agree, here are two examples I used. Once at Radio Shack I was asked for shit and I replied fuck you and give me my shit.

    Second was at Guitar Center when asked for information I said, Adolf Hitler and fake address.

    Fuck this Police State, this is land of the free, home of the brave, not home of the slave.

    • Damn right!

      Radio Shit always asks for your personal info…Hell, they’ve been doing it longer than most retail stores out there. Nowadays, it’s no different in Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, etc, and they all ask you for your address, zip code, and phone number…..I got into a pretty heated argument with a manager at one of these places (not his fault), but, just pissed me off. He said “What’s your address?”, and I said “Why, you coming over for dinner?”…at that point I guess I pissed him off, and it exploded from there. I eventually told him to fuck off, but, all I wanted was a damned shirt! This is bull shit!

      Why the HELL do you need ALL my personal info?

      One reason I never go to Guitar Center (local music stores only!)

      Now our bull shit Government wants to implant CHIPS in our KIDS!!!! This is complete bull shit, and the stupid ass sheep just let it happen! This shit goes against EVERYTHING this Country STANDS FOR!…..This Country is filled with a bunch of lazy, liberal minded, no good, brainwashed ass holes, that BOW to the Government! I’m sick of this shit….

    • Hahahahaha! I always ask them for their personal info, like breast size, if they still beat their dog or put their cat in the dryer, almost got a date with a check out girl for asking what kind of sex she likes the most.

  5. Great piece !! JUST SAY NO .. catchy i dig it .. Also soooooooo many people thinks if someone asks them for their Social Security # they have to give it .. and that’s not the case .. only an employer who is hiring you or a government official with due cause can ask you for it ..everything else JUST SAY NO !

    • Yes, Courtney that’s it! That’s exactly what I’m talking about right there. Don’t allow people to arbitrarily demand your private info. It’s probably not worth it to argue over an I.D. buying beer, but if say the movie theatre wants your I.D. say ” I don’t think so and I don’t remember hiring you as a member of the ______ (fill in your city) police force.”

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