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How communism was designed to bring about a New World Order

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December 24, 2012 in Politics


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By The Lone Conspiracy Theorist

Everywhere a growing number are becoming concerned and frustrated over what is happening in our world. There seems to be a worldwide Communist advance under the guise of socialism which continues no matter who we vote into power. Many have come to realise that answers to the many problems we face today will not be found through our political systems.

America is a perfect example where despite the majority of the country being strongly opposed to communism, that is indeed the direction the country is taking.

Now I realise that most will rubbish this claim, but before you do stop and ask yourself what exactly is communism. If you can’t answer this question then how can you be sure that this is not the direction the country is taking?

You will hear many definitions of what communism stands for from different people. It is described in Wikipedia as; a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order

But for me it is best summed up in the book “None dare call it a conspiracy” by Gary Allen which states

“Communism; An international, conspiratorial drive for power on the part of men in high places willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim of global conquest”

This book also explains how “the drive to establish SOCIALISM, not Communism, is at the core of everything the Communists and the Insiders do. Marx and all of his successors in the Communist movement have ordered their followers to work on building SOCIALISM. If you go to hear an official Communist speaker, he never mentions Communism. He will speak only of the struggle to complete the socialization of America. If you go to a Communist bookstore you will find that all of their literature pushes this theme. It does not call for the establishment of Communism, but SOCIALISM”

I realise that many of you will scoff at this description but does it not sum up perfectly what is happening in the world today. Every year America becomes more like communist China rather than the constitutional republic set up by the Founding Fathers.

Further proof can be found in Wikipedia which states “these countries are known as “Communist states” in the West, because their ruling parties generally use the name “Communist Party of  [citation needed]

However, the countries themselves are referred to as socialist republics, not communist, in their own constitutions. They are defined by a form of government in which the state operates under a one-party system and declares allegiance to the ideology of Marxism-Leninism.[citation needed] In accordance with Marxism-Leninism, the constitutions of these countries claim that all power belongs to the working class, that a democratic dictatorship of the proletariat has been implemented within their borders, and that they are building socialism, with the goal of achieving communism one day.”

Let’s be clear I am not saying communists are behind the New World Order I am saying communism is being used to bring in global government under the guise of socialism.  What few realise is that the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations have been promoting socialism since their inception.

Socialism rather than being the share the wealth program the socialists would have you believe is actually a consolidate-and-control-the-wealth program for the Insiders.

What I can promise those who support this march towards communism is that it will only deliver oppression.  Just ask the Chinese people as they are among the most oppressed in the world.

As for those who believe that the goal of global governance is a conspiracy theory I would ask them to consider these facts. American Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has admitted that the United States military takes its marching orders not from Congress but from United Nations and NATO, international bodies over which the American people have no democratic influence.


It is also interesting to note that over 80% of all UK laws now originate in Brussels as reported by the Daily Mail in 2008. Does this not make both Congress and the UK government nothing more than costly ceremonial relics? The whole election process has become nothing more than a distraction which takes our attention away from those who already control the majority of the world.


The New world Order (Global Governance) is already in place and moving towards a goal that does not bode well for the rest of us if not stopped.

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3 responses to How communism was designed to bring about a New World Order

  1. Hmm, I do agree that,”communism is being used to bring in global government under the guise of socialism.”

    But I don’t completely agree with this idea that,”Few realize is that the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations have been promoting socialism since their inception.”

    I think what’s most likely to have happened was that the super successful and wealthy Rockefellers and Carnegie got involved with unions/progressive socialists in order to control the movement. They were previously, only involved with government, working to get control over the right people in order to monopolize… so the next step was to use this wealth to get control over the people…. And then, through control of this mass of people, they began to use it to work towards gaining even more control. Thus Socialism-Communism became their vessel.

    The thing is that… the economically wealthy(non-government) forces in the world… the ones that are in control… They have just become SO BIG, that it appears like they are pushing for a world government. It is the next logical step if they want more control… The only way for them to get it is for them to step up and create a world government that rules every nation from above out in the open.

  2. Well put, socialism is just a step to communism and so forth.

  3. Great essay, you’re right on point.

    You didn’t mention the mass murder that follows a Communist dictatorship. Watch the video link, it is graphic but this is reality, and what will happen if Commissar Obama disarms America: “URGENT WARNING AMERICA – HISTORY OF GUN CONTROL”. Merry Christmas!


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