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House Resolution would allow President Obama for Life

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January 6, 2013 in Politics


January 6, 2013. Washington. A Democratic US Congressman from New York introduced a House Resolution 2 days ago that would repeal the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution – term limits for the President of the United States. If approved, it would remove the 2-term, 8-year limit US Presidents are bound to. If he chose to, and remained popular enough, Barack Obama could then legally be President for life.


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2 responses to House Resolution would allow President Obama for Life

  1. It’s HJ 15 and call your congressional cowards and tell them hell no you won’t stand for this. Tell them they will be looking for other work if they go along with this. I reported on this and sent out emails to all on my list two days ago but little has been said in the mouthpiece media but of course not the bankster who own them want us under a dictator.

  2. Of course it’s an “Jose” purposing the bill. WAKE THE HELL UP!!! America can only be a white society, take it back or let it go. This is where we stand today. It’s all about “RACE”, WAKE UP!!!

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