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Harvey Weinstein vs. Donald Trump, or Long Story with Women

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December 29, 2017 in Politics


Harvey Weinstein accusations of sexual harassment were a shock not only for Hollywood but for the entire world. Harvey has been a legend, the person who could bring to a success even the lowest budget films. Many believed it will be so forever.

But all ends. Accusation of sexual harassment, first from one actress, then from another… Then, the famous producer was exposed to a flow of accusations. Nobody could have resisted that. Harvey Weinstein was fired. President Is Not Exception or left his position himself, who knows. The topic became widely discussed wherever is possible, though https://my-custom-essays.com/ have refrained from that. Too unclear the situation was.

One thing has become clear though: with such kind of accusation, nobody can keep fame and popularity. One more thing has become clear: this is a good way to remove those who are disturbing.

There was a nice attempt. After that, several more attempts followed: in relation to some politicians, leading personalities, etc.

President Is Not Exception
The new US president has always been unusual. A self-made millionaire, he has never been too shy with women: he is married for the first time with a much younger former model.

But even not only that, everybody has a right for private life and happiness, even if one doesn’t find that in the first marriage. Everybody has a right to make mistakes. Though, for a president, all counts.

Three, then eight, then twenty women have accused the present US president of sexual harassment. Moreover, he was unlucky enough to be recorded when he was speaking about his success by women, that his position gives him many options and many opportunities.

Moreover, there was a precedent with Weinstein, who was, probably, at some time even more influential than Trump.

Who are those who dared to accuse Mr. President of something that can cost him his career? There is a good number of them, but these are the most famous ones:

● Mandy McGillivray, 36 years old, is accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault 13 years ago. The president representatives even did not care to respond to that accusation.
● Natasha Stoynoff, a People Magazine writer, published an article where she accused Trump that he kissed her before the interview. Again, that happened about 12 years ago.
● After that, a recording followed where Trump was taking a girl to the escalator in Trump Tower, then he turned to the camera and told something like he would be dating this girl in 10 years.
● Then followed accusations of former Miss Finland, Ninni Laaksonen (Trump has been a sponsor of beauty competitions for years, there, during one of these competitions, he met Melania, his future wife).
● Yoga instructor Karena accuses the present US president of a sexual assault, something that happened in 1998 during the US Open.

Presidents have been always a target for many provocations, but this time, even the president administration took the side of the ladies who have remembered the past mistakes of the president.

Nikkie Haley, the United Nations ambassador and the member of the presidential administration, insists, that women have a right to speak, moreover, they have a right to be heard. Nikkie appeared on Face the Nation that has forced to resign two politicians because of the accusations of sexual harassment. She told that accusations against Donald Trump did not appear all of a sudden. She informed that president has been famous for that long before elections. Nevertheless, the nation has selected him to be a president.

If the election results mean that all accusations are over and claims are settled? On some other country that would probably be the case, but in the USA, the president will have to deal with that.

Nikkie insists that women shall be comfortable to speak even if concerns those who take the highest positions. They shall have a right to be dealt with even if it is uncomfortable.

President is rejecting all accusations now, as he was officially rejecting all before the election. Moreover, he has promised that after the elections are over, he will sue all who has dared to accuse him.

The elections are over. Donald Trump hasn’t sued anybody. Is he too busy with president`s things? Is he afraid to wake up the past which he would like to leave where it is now? Who knows. One is clear though: if Mr. President doesn’t care to respond to all accusations, he will have to face the consequences.

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