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Harrassment from AboveTopSecret Moderator Greeneyedleo

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November 21, 2012 in Politics


I was unable to post this on ATS as it was, of course, removed. My IP address was as well banned from Godlikeproductions.com when I tried to post this there. I truly hope my voice can be heard here.

I am being harassed by ATS mod Greeneyedleo. She has been harassing me on Facebook where she butted into my personal life where I was talking about my last relationship – she knows my ex and has a crush on him – she took a screen shot without permission of that conversation on my FB page and sent it to my ex, hoping to show him something secret that I was saying about him. (little did she know I had already sent him the same screenshot on my own because I wanted him to read how I felt, so right there her mission objective was MOOT.)

She has made two FB accounts, one named James Deen and the other Mike Brown. She thought it was cute to name herself James Deen after a porn star I mentioned having a crush on on my FB page the other day. Real clever, Karen. She posted rude comments on my page discussing my private love life, and she also posted profiles of me from other websites that I don’t want being passed around, and even an embarassing karaoke video of mine from years ago.

Greeneyedleo, ATS mod, did all of this to me within the past 24 hours. She’s not the brightest cookie, as I was easily able to obtain her IP address for my own safety and I cross-referenced it with the owner of another forum that focuses on debunking UFO videos that she use to frequent and he confirmed it is her IP address out of Colorado. Certainly the courts could confirm this too. Karen, is it? Whatever your name is? What the hell, where do you get off doing this to somebody?!?! Stay the hell out of my business and my life!! You are harassing and stalking even!!

She felt all safe behind the computer with her anonymous face and I caught her red-handed. It disgusts me. The site I used was simply a click-redirect service that logs IPS. I had her click a link and it took her to a google search page search term that I put in that made it known I had obtained her IP. Upon realizing that I had just gotten her IP address, she then proceded to either pass the link around or use proxy servers to try and flood the results with different IPs but again, not being very bright that she is, she chose IPs from random – ass countries. So I got the initial IP address, her’s. Followed immediately by GERMANY, ENGLAND, CROATIA, AFGHANISTAN, SCOTLAND, etc. It was so hilarious. Random ass countries, and Colorado. So obvious she was trying to cover up her tracks.

She needs to cut this type of shit out, I was absolutely floored that she would do something so stupid and so psychotically rude and weird.

Butting into me and my ex’s relationship when he hasn’t even talked to you in months? And then posting my personal profiles you dug up? That’s the type of woman you are dealing with in Greeneyedleo. Not a bright cookie whatsoever. I’m 26. she’s like 45. I easily out smarted her. Ridiculous. Shameful.

Please realize she deleted her accounts right away so as to cover her tracks. I initially thought she WAS my ex boyfriend so I immediately deleted her comments on my FB page. Come to find out it was HER.

I am including what I can in the way of screen shots, while still respecting her privacy, which is more than she did for me.

I don’t think anyone deserves this type of cyber harassment. I mean posting a video of me singing karaoke that’s obviously not something I want people to see? It was on some obscure website. Shame on you Karen or whatever your name is. Shame on you. I contacted ATS but I doubt they will do anything about it so it’s only fair I tell my side of the story.

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  1. Buy a new modem, because it will give you a new IP Address Number.

  2. Avoid posting anything the least bit incriminating on Facebook; how many times a week do you hear about someone 1) being suspended from school 2) losing a job 3) getting arrested because of something they posted on Facebook? If you want to tell your real friends about the drama of your life, go old school, and pick up the phone, and have an actual conversation, or get together for coffee. Leave Facebook to the NSA, and other trolls.

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