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Gun Control

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February 26, 2013 in Politics


Gun Control
These recent months there has been a disgusting attack toward the second amendment. I wish I could say that the Democrats were the only ones leading this charge, but I would be lying. The truth is there are some Republicans that are in favor of getting rid of large capacity clips and are for a national registry. This is disgusting and should be considered treason. But the true question is, why do Democrats focus on “Assault weapons” and not the other weapons that cause more death than they do? Many will argue that it is for the safety of the children and the country. But I can and will debunk that ludicrous argument. I will be called a child hater, a racist, a nazi and any other name the left can pull out of their insult bag. But hey, I have already been called that, so it will not be a big experience to me.
First to start off, a little thing I like to call “Assault weapons.” The left has made this name as propaganda for weapons that look scary. The reason they use this term is because when a school shooting or a mass shooting has been committed they can blame it on one generalization of a type of gun. But to their discredit a assault weapon is any device used to carry out an assault upon another. And to mention it, assault weapons barely kill anyone every year, but I will get to that later.
Second, many gun control advocates say that when you ban guns violent crime and gun crimes go down. They say that when you take people’s guns away no one can use them. So that in effect would make them illegal. But what they do not understand is that when you take the guns from the law-abiding citizens it will make them defenseless against attack of whatever. But then they tell you that they are illegal and no one will have them. Please tell me when criminals follow laws. They do not, it is proven time and time again that when you take guns away from the people, violent crime goes up and vise- versa if you do not do so.

Now we go to why do they want to ban assault weapons? Well they say it is to protect the community, but that is a lie. In 2011, there were approximately 11,500 gun murders last year. But only 323 of those deaths came from assault rifles. Then 7,800 of those are the result of gang violence and everyone knows gangs do not follow laws. During this debate everyone points to the 20 kids that died in Newtown. Why is this? It is because those 20 kids were supposedly killed with an assault rifle. Unfortunately for them there is footage showing the police taking the AR-15 out of Adam Lanza’s car. (AR-15 Found in Back of Lanza’s Car) People who do not believe that do not look at the facts. During this entire debate they have NEVER mentioned the over 1,000 children that die every year from gun crimes, and you never hear about the 386 children that die in the middle east every year from drone strikes. That shows they do not care about the children and only control! People the Democrats know they will never pass anything as crazy as what Dianne Feinstein is proposing! They are doing this so that the “compromise” will be a national gun registry! That will be it! That right there will give them everything they want!

I have been asked, why will a national gun registry be bad? The first thing I said was, “you do not have to register your 1st amendment rights, why should you have to register your 2nd amendment rights?” Not to be some crazy conspiracy theorist, but right before mass murder occurred during the Stalin, Hitler, and Mao regimes they made everyone that purchased a firearm register it in a “national database.” This is what they needed to take the guns away from anyone who has them!

Why Gun Control Is ILLEGAL!
Many people call gun control common sense and I call it illegal and treasonous. First to start many “republicans” and “democrats” agree that fully automatic weapons should be illegal. Whether you disagree wit h that or not, it is still against the law. Many will say how do you figure that? I will say in the militia act of 1792 it says “On this day in 1792, Congress passes the second portion of the Militia Act, requiring that every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years be enrolled in the militia.” This in turn would mean that all men would be put into a militia and carry MILITARY grade weapons. But then the gun-control lobby will say well they never thought we were to never get the weapons we got today. But people do not understand the second amendment was to protect against government tyranny ( the tyranny we are facing today). So to not have adequate firearms as compared to the military would ruin the purpose for the second amendment.

The Dick Act of 1902
Last, but not least we have the dick act of 1902. This act that was passed over a hundred years ago states, that any type of “gun-control” legislation is passed it would be automatically null and void. Now that should stop the evil establishment, but they have proven time and again that the laws do not apply to them. And lastly when I say adequate firearms to the military, that does not mean RPGs and other rocket launchers.

Why Gun Control Is About Power

People focus on guns too much! They carry out a very small amount of deaths in the US per year. Last year 195,000 died from medical mal practice and 546 died from hammers! Why do they not do something about that? Because their goal is to make the American people unarmed and defenseless. There is no other viable excuse for their reasoning. And that is why it makes me sick that they are exploiting the dead lives of those kids in Sandy Hook and all children that have been killed due to the psychos that wield some of the weapons.

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  1. Like I said before, the powers that fund congress and senate will pull out all the stops, bribes, blackmail, teen prostitutes and all other forms of pressure to force them to pass a law. Ron Paul could not be bought! Many congress people who don’t follow orders stop getting funds and lose elections. Remember only wealthy are in congress. It is up to us to say, regardless of any law you pass we will not obey!

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