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From: “News to Me”: Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America

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December 26, 2012 in Politics



December 23, 2012

Source: Michael Snyder, Guest Post 

Have you ever heard of Agenda 21? If not, don’t feel bad, because most Americans haven’t. It is essentially a blueprint for a “sustainable world” that was introduced at the UN Conference on Environment and…

 Commentary from Otter Walks on Two Feet… 

“But then science is nothing but a series of questions that lead to more questions, which is just as well, or it wouldn’t be much of a career path, would it?” Terry Pratchett… 

I put that in, not to say “Real” Science has no value, rather to point out the ever evolving state of accepted science. In this case “Agenda 21”, which is a completely Unconstitutional “Treaty”, We The People have allegedly signed onto…

 This, through both Executive Fiat, ( E.O. ) and Obama’s Illegal U.N. Chair position!

 Obama is the first U.S. President to, for more that 3 years, “Chair the U.N. Security Council”! There is a good reason that “He” is the first U.S. President to hold the position… It is TREASON! As a Puppet of The “Money Powers”, He works to set the stage for the Ending of Us! This lack of Transparency, having plans deeply covered within massive documents, has been coming at us from the “Too Partying System” for years! This is Dictatorship, by The Money Powers, through the corrupt political system which we have been warned about since The Founding Fathers. Period!…

 Sustainability, a science once thought the end all, is being continued as part of a Global Consolidation Plan! That means the loss of our sovereignty!

 ”Sustainability” was made irrelevant, giving way to “Complexity”. Jumping around, and not writing the history, with its overlaps in individual thoughts and “Compartmentalized-Think Tank” feed, we come to “Chaos”, which has been around since prior to 1911, with John Archibald Wheeler’s cutting edge thoughts. J.A.W. was a protege of Niels Bohr… here we can insert 19th and 20th century quantum theory, physics, and cosmology ( “Theory” (?)… ; My issue with generically accepted “Science”…)

 ”Fractals are important because They Reveal a New area of Mathematics Directly Relevant to the Study of Nature.” Ian Stewart… 

“Benoit Mandelbrot has established a discovery that ranks with the laws of regular motion” Eugene Stanley, Physics Dept. , B.U…. Next, we have “String Theory”, most speak to it having 11 planes of existence, in the same place, at the same time…( Very Shorthand…) Now we read of 12 Levels of String Theory. This is sciences’ way of creating anew, the ancient wisdom that, Conscientiousness Equals Energy, Energy Equals Life, thus Conscientiousness is Energy, Is life… With the end philosophy that Energy does not, can not, die… Transformative yes, ending, infinitely not!

So when you hear someone start spouting “Sustainability”, Know that it is Disinfo., a psy-op, an out right lie; disproved, and left in the dust as a curiosity. The Truth of it, is, its use as a Talking Point. A diversion by design, to keep humanity behind the Truth of the curve of discovery in Life today. As Barry always does; Fake right, and Shoot left…  (Search terms: “C.F.R.”, “Trilateral Commission”, “Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution”) Please do not take my word, read it! Section 9 and His U.N. seat in itself, are grounds that should have Obama Impeached!-!-!-!

Agenda 21 will be known by The People, and Those that have used it with its military arm, NATO; will one day pay the price that The Constitutional Laws Require!  

For the article that you can read see “Michael Snyder-guest post”, click it above… 

Be well, Eyes to the sky, Ears open to Truth, Speak Loudly Against the Lies and Corruption when it comes at You!   o…   26/12/12   P.S. Thank you to all that had a hand in bringing this to us. Credit to you all…  It is by my “1st Amendment” right that I write.   

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