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Former Alternative Media reporter punished for texting Federal Judge about innocence

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April 28, 2015 in Politics


Note: If you wish to see the documents from Internet Archive then check them out here. I feel they are better posted there then on Scribd since they are now charging people for downloading documents or forcing them to upload approved documents before they can even download a document without paying a fee. Documents that the public deserve to know will be posted to Internet Archive and maybe Scribd combined. So they are always available to download and circulate around the Internet.

Brian D. Hill(left), Alex Jones(Center), and Stewart Rhodes(right)

Brian D. Hill, the former USWGO Alternative News reporter and Founder, has been punished by his Probation Officer for texting a Federal Judge about his innocence. Also not just that but for texting a Proposed Order to that very Judge. I got a concerning email message from a anonymous friend telling me that Brian won’t be able to get in touch with me anymore because his P.O. has put a clampdown on Brian and his legal activities. The government’s excuse: They claim that sending any text messages goes through an Internet Service Provider and thus uses a internet service which technically violates his conditions of supervised release. When Brian asked for permission to even text his lawyer, his P.O. refused such permission. It is no doubt that Brian is becoming a target just for wanting his conviction overturned. Yeah some free country we live in! :(

I been told that his P.O. had pressure from the Federal Judge and that Judge’s name is Chief Judge WIlliam L. Osteen Junior, of the Greensboro U.S. District Court in North Carolina. Now people need to wonder if this Judge is working with the enemy and was never on Brian’s side because all this Judge ever wants is guilty pleas. He may be a kids for cash type of Judge that convicts everybody that ever appears in his courtroom. What a corrupt piece of work to contact his P.O. to have her punish Brian just for texting him politely. Prior to his P.O. silencing him, I received the very text messages that he sent the Judge before he told his P.O. to punish Brian. Here is the Proposed ORDER document inside a MMS text message for Judge Osteen.

Here is the text from the email sent to me anonymously from guerrillamail, disposable email provider:

The corrupt U.S. District Court has put a clampdown on Brian D. Hill all because he sent a text message to the Federal Judge William L. Osteen Jr. about his innocence and a proposed order. The Judge didn’t like the fact he asserted his innocence so he called up Brian’s probation Officer and then his P.O. put a clampdown on Brian. I am involved with someone of his inner circle of friends and overheard the phone conversation. I confronted that person and I was told it was true, that his Probation Officer is now punishing him over pressure by Judge Osteen. I now am scared that Judge Osteen is compromised and will ruin Brian’s chance for a 2255 Petition. The Judge is compromised and the alternative media needs to know about all of this. They compromised his Probation Officer by ordering that person to silence Brian.

The P.O. was very nasty to him so somebody is yanking her chain. Somebody is giving her the order to silence Brian as technically enforceable as possible. His P.O. claimed that texting uses an Internet Service Provider so he is not allowed to text anybody, even his lawyer’s cell phone. So his P.O. is punishing him for writing the Federal Judge. We aren’t living in a free society anymore when the Probation Office punishes a political activist just for asserting his innocence.

Word must get out quickly so that they back off. Yes this information is getting leaked since Brian cannot get in touch with you anymore.

This is a concerning chain of events. So now he cannot text anybody, even his own private attorney. He was told to only make phone calls and write letters as his forms of communication. What’s the difference between that and prison? In prison you can write letters and make phone calls but they are wiretapped. So Brian is probably being wiretapped by his P.O.. Brian’s freedoms are being further taken away and he is being punished by his probation officer just for asserting his innocence. Some free country we are living in. I never thought we see a time when a corrupt Federal Judge would attempt to silence him so quickly.

His P.O. knows that Brian was sending and receiving Multimedia text messages because she seized his old Tracfone to investigate the three Whistleblower emails sent to his cell phone through the mypixmessages gateway. His P.O. is already aware of Brian’s persistent text messaging campaigns to both cell phone numbers and emails and never said to stop that. It all happened after the corrupt Federal Judge Osteen pressured his P.O.. I know he is a corrupt Judge as I’ve heard some rumors, I’ll just leave it at that. He doesn’t want to hear that Brian wishes to prove his innocence using a 2255 motion and wanting a computer forensic examination.

However I have checked the latest court documents and found that his Motion for a computer expert has been submitted to Judge Osteen. I have a feeling that crooked old Judge will deny his Motions and then brag that he caused justice against a sex offender, but Brian is no sex offender as the evidence he has presented is overwhelming.

Check back for more articles from Sheila Dogwood. The court might order me silenced next as freedom of press doesn’t exist anymore. Osteen doesn’t care about the people he convicts as he is not an elected official but somebody appointed by the U.S. President. Maybe laws need to be changed allowing Judges to be elected instead of selected by New World Order puppet presidents. Judge Osteen is showing his support for the NWO by punishing Brian just for a few text messages concerning his pleadings.

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