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FOR MEMORIAL DAY 2012 – - by Rudy Dean

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May 28, 2012 in Activism, Politics, Resistance



my beliefs are rather mulderesque, so you’ll have to forgive me for believing in almost everything, including God, gods, ancient aliens, love, truth, and beauty, and the human soul. like the old greeks, i believe these things are immortal, from another realm, and more real than our mortal flesh.


it is not illogical to believe in meaning behind existence, or a creator of our existence. some find meaning behind our existence in ancient aliens. that’s perfectly logical too. to find meaning behind existing means being a human being filled with hope and wonder. the thing that bothers me about godless individuals is that if they were consistent in their denial of conceptual constructs such as the forms of god, truth, beauty, love and other things which are either imaginary, or more real than our mortal existences – is that godless people, to be consistent, to have a philosophy worthy of respect, cannot honestly even love another human being. that’s what makes me uncomfortable, the fact that atheists if they are consistent, must be faking if they ever tell their children that they love them. or if they ever even use the word love. because the godless must know that love isn’t real, at best it is a manipulation of words to manipulate others. or its just a chemical in their brains. but it doesn’t actually exist as a bond between two people or as a force outside of the construct of love within your own mind, does it?


it is interesting that logic can lead to a belief in ancient aliens. but what about modern aliens? have they returned, did they feel threatened by our use of nuclear bombs at world’s end of ww 2 in japan. are they here to observe us in our terminal phase? that point in time when all civilizations might choose to commit mass suicide rather than calm down and cut out the world wars?


i heard that aliens operate covertly while studying earth because they think we are fools. we point weapons at ourselves, which is really what war is. we think we are shooting people seperate from ourselves, but we’re not. when we shoot our brothers, we shoot ourselves. when we nuked japan, we nuked ourselves. our inability to see the people we bombed as us, is what made us racist murdering freaks, its what made us less than human by turning ourselves in hiroshima and nagasaki to dust.


patriotism, racism, and war are divisive. These are evil things – they divide us, they de-humanize us, and they torture us and they murder us. war murders our souls and turns us into godless bastards. war is death, and war will be the destruction of us. like martin luther king said, if your nation is so violent, like a veteran returned home from war, your nation will eventually put the gun in its own mouth, and commit suicide.


and so it seems, in this terminal phase of our civilization, in which the entire structure of our american society is the war system, one in which we have turned to an international torture system to justify our wars, the end is near. NDAA 2012 means martial, law, it means homeland security has secured enough holopoint bullets to execute all of us twice, enough giant caskets to bury all of us four at a time in one giant mass grave.


so the challenge goes like this – wake people up so that they won’t remain silent and shut up when their neighbors and family members start disappearing off to the camps. shutting up is the worst advice ever in this terminal phase. nobody should shut up about this stuff. let us challenge war hysteria, we will challenge supporting the troops during memorial day weekend, its a losing battle but we carry the torch of conscience through a mob of troop supporting zombies this memorial day weekend, so  it is very important work TO NOT SHUT UP.


i’m concerned with flipping consciences from off to on inside of the people. so let us challenge the entire war system, lets stop supporting troops, lets challenge their consciences again, because they have a right to be human beings again, even if they have denied the right to be human beings to their murder victims. even tho they became less human than every corpse they killed in war.because  being troops and self identifying as veterans has killed the humanity inside of these people. and it poisons the humanity in every single person who strokes the troops’ egos by pretending for even one second that what troops do as a matter of war is okay. its not.


war is a threat to all of us. every single thing the troops do to others is a threat to us. don’t forget we’re all cells in one human body. don’t forget that the war system has created cancer cells out of the troops, and they are mestasticizing. they are about to execute all of us, how fucking dare you stroke their egos on Memorial Day. yer good germans, you really are, but how about gaining control of your own souls, turning on your consciences, and at the very least, for once in your lives, post a facebook status that says…




War is evil, you know it in your hearts.


and if you think it is a necessary evil, you still know its evil. and it isn’t necessary. slitting your wrists isn’t necessary. hanging yourself isn’t necessary. shooting yourself isn’t necessary. you have more potential than that. and so does the human race. do not trade your humanity for war.

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