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“don’t get me started” on plantlife banned

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January 9, 2018 in Politics


–documenting a few comments of mine made in a row:

“Has marijuana been proven worse than tobacco in the results of health? I’ll wait… but the answer is obvious.”

“The answer ain’t stopping the sale of either herb but to stop being a bitch.”

“Don’t ever think that the system is good for you. They do shit to takeover and pose as the guardian.”


I gotta state something more on this. Marijuana is the one so-called drug, that is merely a plant, which grows easily and provides more uses than any other “cash crop”. Can it get any more obvious? This herb actually has medical benefits yet the system treats it like the devil despite the facts. We could play ignorant just to fit in but that’ll just make things worse. Society wasn’t setup for your benefit. They made being wild illegal… any large animal has been banned from being free in the world only because it has the ability to kill. Anyways.. not everyone who smokes marijuana is docile but alot have succumb to the overall programming just like almost everyone else has.

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