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CPS Responsible For Child’s Death in Choctaw, OK

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May 24, 2012 in Activism, Politics, World News


The CPS in Oklahoma County took a child from his mother’s home in Choctaw, OK this past March and placed him in foster care near the beginning of the month of April.  He was taken from his “unfit” mother by “authorities” because she was suspected of using hardcore illegal drugs.  After just a few weeks in state custody he was shipped off to live with a foster family.  He had only been there for a month when a tragedy occurred.  The parents that the government paid because they assumed he would be better off there, had allowed their child to hold the baby.  Due to their negligence the kid dropped and killed another woman’s child!

Regardless of what might be said about this child’s mother, if she would have kept him, he would be alive today.  This is just one of thousands of similar near-fatal and fatal misjudgements on the part of CPS and the Department of Human Resources.  I don’t cite sources because my mom actually knows this child’s aunt and so i have contact with the victims family and public records.  The local news promised to cover this and then reniged at the last minute and is now ignoring calls and msgs.  MAKE THIS ISSUE VIRAL AND SPEAK UP FOR THESE CHILDREN!

Names are kept confidential at the family’s request as they are still mourning their little one.  We are trying to get an interview with his aunt Cici and the CPS worker assigned to the case and we’ll keep you up on the latest

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