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July 21, 2012 in Politics


For well over 35 years I’ve been researching secret societies and Satan’s One World order. Discovering hidden information is like putting together a crossword puzzle. Bits and pieces are found in several areas of life. Most of it has been leaked or has been revealed through absent minded individuals. Of course, Satan has a way of destroying the most conniving of human beings now doesn’t he?

It never ceases to amaze me how the most covert of liars lets sensitive information slip between his or her lips with the passage of time. This is how Satan operates! He’ll give a human being all that he or she desires. But, in the end this corrupt fallen angel destroys the most adapt of human beings. The Bible declares: Satan comes here to—KILL—STEAL—and—destroy.

The demon president Johnson sealed the remaining JFK murder records until 2057. Why? By then all the players in the conspiracy would be dead or ill forgotten. I was 12 years old when I saw the larger than life President Kennedy pass by me in a motorcade. In my unblemished eyes, President Kennedy looked like a movie star at that brief instant when he passed by me.

Little did I know, in a matter of a few sort years JFK would be brutally gunned down by several heartless individuals with nothing left to lose. Back then, children had the raw innocence of a normal childhood in most instances. The Illuminati (international bankers) hadn’t totally corrupted all aspects of life that’s so ever present in today’s demonic society.

Thirty-five years ago I never believed the contrived version of the Kennedy Murder and still don’t to this very day. One doesn’t have to wait until 2057 to find out what’s in the altered records. Col. Craig Roberts has laid out the complete picture in his book called, Kill Zone. I purchased that book and the Medusa File a few weeks ago. The ladder book I’m now beginning to read right now.

I just finished Kill Zone today and was so blown away, I thought I’d let you know what I thought about it. Kill Zone blew my mind and it should be must reading for anyone yearning for the truth. In decisive manner, Col. Roberts takes the reader on a long ugly journey through the scum we call the United States Government. This long winding road takes us through the seventeen-hundreds and up into our modern era.

One is left with the distinct impression few individuals in business and government have any love for their fellow human beings. Everything has been planned through the blood shot eyes of extreme power and sheer greed. Robotic humans, if one could have called them such entities. They carried out commands in a heartless sort of way thinking only of themselves at the moment.

It reminds me of the countless millions of innocent souls who perished under the evil actions of Adolf Hitler during WWII. Kill Zone provides the rawness of what human beings are capable of when money and power has taken over their demon possessed minds. I’ve never been one to place much emphasis on money or power. I suppose at an early age I knew in order to advance to any degree in society. One had to play the game or it would be the end of the line for him or her.

I just as soon be a nobody rather than sell my soul to Satan for a few moments of disappearing glory. One doesn’t have to look far in order to see the ugly impact of what Satan can do to slowly destroy another human being. Hollywood and the music industry are great examples of self destruction! Without Jesus Christ in their lives! These individuals and others like them slowly self destruct realizing fame and fortune doesn’t bring pure happiness in the end.

Kill Zone revealed the United States Government is the most evil entity on planet earth. This killing machine murdered countless innocent beings for nothing other than sheer power and endless greed. I’m sad to say, I’m ashamed to be an American Citizen knowing the full gravity of what’s written in Kill Zone. I shed painful tears knowing full well 58,000 dead American soldiers were unknowingly used in Vietnam. These heroic   military men and women served in a criminal war based on sheer greed.

Demonic politicians played along knowing full well their covert actions would cripple and murder countless human beings. Unfortunately, this occult game of life and death continues to this very day. The rules are the same but the players have become more ruthless in their rise for fame and fortune. If Kill Zone enlightens the reader about anything. It’s the realization that America as we now know it has come to an end.

The International Banking Cartel have arrived at their goal for Satan’s One World Government. Don’t read this historic book if you want to stay in dreamland thinking everything will be alright in the end. The Fourth Reich is here and now! After you read this historic book you had better prepare for the FALL OF AMERICA…

It’s coming sooner than you think!

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Rick Thorne

My website: revelationsoftruthbyrickthorne.com

Youtube: rthorne2

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