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CNN: Denmark – US Gov Role Model

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October 24, 2013 in Politics


I saw something very interesting on CNN’s travel show called Parts Unknown.  The most recent episode was on Copenhagen in Denmark. During the show, the same phrase kept being uttered  throughout – “The happiest place on Earth”, referring to Columbia University’s Earth Institute naming Denmark as such.

While the show itself represented Copenhagen, the conversation between the show host and the owner of the featured restaurant was centered a lot around life in Denmark. Copenhagen is quite clean and beautiful, but it also hides a dirty little secret. Denmark is socialist. Citizens pay 65% in taxes of their income to the government. While free health care and free education can seem to be a benefit rising out of Denmark’s socialist welfare system, its never mentioned about the quality of the health care, nor of the quality or choice of education.

Denmark has things we are already or are becoming more  familiar with:
Freedom of speech (unless it’s about religion)
Strict Anti-gun laws
No public photography policies – (though you can urinate in public)
Strict drug laws

During the show it was mentioned how it was frowned upon to “stick out” fro the crowd – no one can be better than anyone else (unless of course you work for the government or are part of the Royal line). This sounds very much like our “no child left behind” policy, which in reality means “no child pushed to achieve”- AKA Attack of the clones.  Also it was mentioned that the public’s role is to call out and ridicule anyone who tries to over achieve in society. This ensures that the public remain as peasants under the foot of the crown. Everyone is poor and unarmed , but hey, the weather is great. Life is good – if you’re a sheep. Life is heaven if you’re the king.

So with this show, it displayed something rather new to me that only CNN was able to open my eyes to by bragging about Denmark through out the entire hour. Denmark  not only has  a “boringly content” society, but it also holds a place as a sure role model for the US policies under Obama and libertarian rule. So why are we seeing such a dramatic change in our laws and society? Because it’s a lot easier to go from communism to true democracy under a republic than it is to go from democracy to a form of communism/socialism. It will take a revolution, and the liberals in America see this and also want this. So right now, if the left in this country will push us under an authoritarian rule until they get their way and our next elected leader is known as Queen Hillary (If you cant already predict the 2016 so-called elections, your brain is a rock ).

If this were really thought through by the people trying to put this system in place in the US, they would be saddened to learn that it won’t work in America. Why? Well for one, Denmark’s public is prominently white – The US is more culturally diverse (hence our black president). Another problem is Denmark is made of of 80 million people – not 300 million like the US.

As with the liberals pushing for a revolution for socialism, i think it can be agreed it will take a revolution to push back. We as constitutional Americans are happy with the laws we have lived under, our lawmakers are supposed to work for us, though with the changes we’re under going, it’s quite clear that our courts and lawmakers have all been swept up under the influence of socialism. And perhaps it’s not without reason with our society being so out of control with kids having kids since the 90′s and the rise in population as well as divorce.Though, if these are the things they are wanting to change, there is a different way of going about it than through a violent revolution and taking people’s rights away, forcing them under a rule of socialism. That different way is through a democratic VOTE.

Here is the link to the video of the showCNN’S “PARTS UKNOWN”

Watch and see if you can parallel my comments to CNN’s agenda with this little travel tid bit. And by the way, it wasn’t because of this one show that i decided to do this essay. I did a search for ‘CNN US DENMARK”  and I got results on TONS of articles from as afar back as 2008 with CNN BRAGGING about Denmark’s socialist system


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