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Cloud Telephony a Perfect Device for Political Campaign

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November 3, 2017 in Politics


Cloud Telephony a service has known merely by every promoter. In political campaigning fog up telephony becoming the latest trendy promotion technique.

Impact of Cloud Telephony on elections

An example which ultimately reflects the Impact of Cloud Telephony on elections will be US election. The more candidate connects with the supporters, the more they get the votes.

To connect with millions of the people, cloud telephony appears the perfect promoting tool.

So, now If you are planning that How to run an election strategy then try these types of services to promote your Election Campaigns in your coming elections.

1 . A Personal Touch with IVR

Every voter who votes for you is essential because a single vote can change your win. So, an individual touch with the voter is the must.

IVR (Interactive voice response) an automated telephony system, helps to take calls, route calls and interact with the voters through the digital receptionist and can broadly use in all the political parties in Of India. IVR helps to stay connected with all the voter 24×7.

How IVR works in Election Campaign?

IVR register the new members with the phone number and give all of the election campaigning details to the voters with the pre-recorded voice communications in a native vocabulary.

That is also employed for getting the feedback from your voters.

2 . Limit the gap in between Candidate and Voters

Communication is must between the candidate and voters, and if you narrow the space of communication, you might win the heart from the voters and get the more significant supporters.

The toll-free amount a right way of communication with the voters. This way of communication boosts the number of supporters. Followers can connect with you without paying a single dime.

Party stands within the competition if they have proponents. In election strategy the best expense listed toll-free amount services because Studies show that, people respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll-free number.

3. Much less is more with Short Messages

Sending brief and sweet communications for vote attractiveness keep you in the brain of the voters.

SMS marketing is the best method to reach towards the voters by sending all of them the SMS. Only by these messages, you might leave on top of your brain of the supporters.

Produce the short message for the supporters and shoot it by merely clicking on a single key using the Bulk SMS Services.

In your personalize, SMS also do not forget to add the call-to-action to encourage the supporters to know that they are interested in your election campaign ideas and supporting you or not.

4. Unified Communication

Using the service individual stronger your Campaigns and Elections but using the combination of the fog up telephony services will positively reflect the strength of cloud telephony in an election.


A right combination of the cloud telephony solutions. Create an SMS and add a skipped call alert amount at the end.

People read your text messages and provide you the missed call in return for supporting you. Missed call alert number is completely free so the skipped call you will get a reply will guarantee and genuine.

5. Your voters want to listen to you

Voters like to hear you instead of other people because you are the person who aspires to win a seat.

Bear in mind a thing that your proponents are here for supporting you so give your time to them.

The tone of voice broadcasting is less expensive and most effective way to communicate with the millions of voters.

It’s easy to begin also, record your voice message and call everyone having a single click. Individuals would like to listen your visions, opinions and more about you.

Therefore, get the best political strategy for winning the election. Cloud telephony the very best political game changer.

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