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cleveland Ohio fraud?

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November 9, 2012 in Politics


Ok this should be easy enough to check . In Cleveland Ohio there seems to have been an unprecedented thing. 21 districts in which everybody voted…. they all voted and Romney got less than 2 % of the vote. That’s right not only did all registered voters vote but almost all of them voted for Obama.¬† In so stating I am confused did no one die in four years or become a felon? I guess not. statistics aside lets just say they all got out and voted. well congratulations you have done something that has never been seen before in any election¬† except for Hitler, Stalin , and some other third world dictators. did I mention that in 12 of those districts Obama got one hundred percent of one hundred percent? Enough said?

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  1. This was clearly a dog and pony show. King Obama will continue to reign. If we want to stop this abuse we need to rethink the entire election process. Reform America’s Electoral System Sign Petition http://signon.org/sign/petition-to-reform-floridas

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