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Clash royale cheats The Basic Guideline

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April 6, 2017 in Politics


As the beginner of Clash Royals, you need to know the basic rule of this game. It is good when you can make the balance mix on your units. Do not think that you only need to have the strong units. Make it balance so that you will not spend too much elixir. It is OK to be on the under pressure position. Although you have to lose a tower, you do not need to think much and get panic. Everything is under control if you know the way to use Clash royale cheats.

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Do not throw all of your units although you only have a minute left. The Just concern to protect your tower and your King’s tower. It is more important than anything. Although you use the hack tool, it has no meaning if you do not understand the basic strategy of this game. Repeat to use huge and ranged troops until you win the first tower. Try to defense and watch your opponent’s move. On the level three, it is suggested to you to send a force. How about the deck tips ? You can manage it easily when you have the Clash royale cheats with you. Here it is !

Not only good tactics, but you also have to find a good deck. A good deck is the balance deck between the cheap and expensive units. Fast and well-performed units are the best. It should be the tower destroying units, but it also can be used to defense. It is better to you to know your fighting move. The aggressive player should take the quickly move units. Utilize units are needed for the defensive players. However, it stills good to mix them. Check the elixir averages first to calculate the time for you to down your cards. To be the better player, you need the lower time.

When you use the Clash royale cheats, you should make sure that you have minion horde card, rage, and the witch. Minion horde is strong, rage is useful, and the witch can attack any dragon. Other cards are goblin huts, baby dragons, and rockets. This game is full of tactics and sure, the strategy. When you do not give the quick response to the opponent’s movement, you lose. Here are what you can do:

You should wait for the elixir meter to be full and try to play your cards after it. Behind the bomber, you can shield the ranged troops. Save the victory which in this case, you can respond the attack well when you have destroyed the enemy tower. You would be better to focus on the tower rather than to defense. Do you think when you use the hack tool, so everything will be just fine without you know the great strategy ? You still have to use your mind to share the strategy and do everything you want to do just to win the game. Defense and have a great step to attack will help you to save your tower, especially the king’s tower.

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