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Christians in America Study History and Fight Back against the Censorship While We Still Can: The Early Nazi Movement and the Recent Attack on Christianity Share too Much in Common to Ignore

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December 23, 2013 in Politics


Pete Wichert

Planet Infowars

December 23rd 2013

Christians in America Study History and Fight Back against the Censorship Now While We Still Can: The Early Nazi Movement and the Recent Attack on Christianity Share too Much in Common to Ignore

We Must Learn from History such as What the Last Fascist Government that Discriminated against Religion the Nazi Party did and How they Had Been Able to do this to Understand the Danger Today!


The American people must not disregard the lessons learned in history and understand that it is vital to understand history so you are not destined to repeat the mistakes of the past once again.

During the 1930′s and before the official state was unified my entire family lived in Germany and several members served in both World War One and the Second World War. There are two juristically different accounts of the Nazi Party from both sides of my family but one fact was unamuously agreed upon from all accounts of the years leading up to the rise of the Nazi party was one single fact which cannot be denied the Treaty of Versailles was designed to fail and it triggered the need for a scapegoat for the War without a military clear cut defeat and it set up the feeling of hopelessness and the need for someone to save the people from economic hardships imposed on Germany.

The idea of being stabbed in the back and the belief that Germany was being economically attacked spread after the conclusion of the First World War and the consequences of the treaty of signed in France after the defeat of Germany demanding the nation to pay for the entire World War seems unreasonable and unachievable many feel it was designed to fail and the people looked for the source behind such harsh stipulations and the Jewish German citizens became the reason. The terms of surrender directly caused inflation but it also gave rise to anti-Semitism which spread to the people across Germany first in newspapers and local communication. The future leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler and his party did not hide the fact that if they would obtain power of the German Government they had a clear agenda to end the “Jewish Problem” written in 1927 and read by Millions before and during the reign of the Third Reich neither Hitler nor other prominent members concealed their ideological beliefs regarding the Jewish Germans and Hitler repeated this on nearly every page therefore people could not simply say they had not been aware.

The pure hatred for Jewish German Citizens was written into the Nuremberg Laws which could declare a human being as a half Jew or quarter Jew had been referenced and clearly expressed in Hitler’s book Mein Kampf or my struggle on more than once occasion. The signs had been there right in front of everyone written down just as the global elite do today prior to any ghetto being filled up or citizens had been sent to death camps. The writing was on the wall and many Jewish people just did not think that their families could be in danger due to the religion they practiced and they would be exempt because of education or connections in government but they were not spared just as many agents of the global elite feel like today not understanding the true evil and lack of care or compassion for humanity would result in their death after they have served the system and were or are not needed. Many people ignore or try to explain the Nazi regime as evil or Hitler as the sole reason for the persecution of the Jewish citizens of Germany but instead the ideological belief was slowly growing before Hitler came to power and it increased via the use of propaganda, laws and even Hitlers own book Mein Kampf published in 1927 in prison after the failed attempt to overthrow the democratic government of Germany which was more or less a large drunken brawl without any serious threat of gaining control of power.

The events after the failed overthrow of the German government ended up helping Adolf Hitler obtain power by increasing his popularity and it provided the opportunity to write his book with the help of Rudolph Hess while in prison laying out the plans and ideological belief of the future Nazi party very clearly and speaking of the Jewish people extremely too often not to be taken seriously. The question often comes up regarding how a well educated, religious and very civilized culture can turn on one another and commit mass murder on a wide scale as Germany had committed against the Jews? This can be answered and it may be playing out once again in the so called leader of the free world with the recent attack on Christianity in America is all to similar to the events during the late 1920′s in Germany but have the people of the world learned from the past or are we destined to repeat a similar fate in America?

The simple answer is no the people today have not learned from the past and similar events like religious persecution already have occurred on a daily basis in the United States against Christians and just as in pre Nazi Germany the writing is on the wall for those who can recognize the warning signs and those who cannot accept the truth or people that ignore current events on purpose and do not study the true intentions of the government will become aware too late to prevent anything or fight back effectively. The simple fact of the matter is THE ATTACK HAS ALREADY BEGUN…the signs are in the police and army manuals and the recent censorship of Jesus in television and the censorship of those who promote Christian values such as the star of Duck Dynasty being put on indefinite leave for rather mild remarks against the gay community demonstrates very clearly that the persecution has no limits and even rich celebrities are subject to the same end result regardless of public status.

The similarities between the state of affairs leading up to the rise of the Third Reich are extremely similar to the present conditions in the United States today only the new opponent is Christians instead of people of Jewish faith and the methods of attack are concealed far more now in America when compared to the plan used by the Nazi party which makes the attack even more effective in the present day. Whereas Hitler references the Jewish race as inferior and openly points the finger at Jews in nearly every page of his book and in speeches and public statements and even new laws. The 25 Points, literature, Speeches and eventually even Race Laws still did not trigger a mass Jewish exodus out of Germany and now the people of America are beginning to see the same actions begin to increase in volume and intensity as the currency becomes inflated just as in Germany the American people once again refuse to accept that big government always turns evil and democide or government murder of civilians occurs rather often currently and the University of Hawaii study proves this is the leading killer by leaps and bounds above any threat.

The people of America need to wake up to how horrible this religious persecution really is because this nation was founded on ideas like freedom of religion and today it could Christians and tomorrow Muslims or even Jews and people of different races and religious beliefs must unite now and help fight for the rights of Christians because if they get away with more brainwashing combined with censorship and the psychological warfare works the next step after is physical harm and the next target would be military and other religions due to skills or mind sets of self sacrifice for greater achievements of the people which cause fear of resistance to the elite control freaks.

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4 responses to Christians in America Study History and Fight Back against the Censorship While We Still Can: The Early Nazi Movement and the Recent Attack on Christianity Share too Much in Common to Ignore

  1. Yeah you hit the nail on the head and my Pastor is aware but he had never heard of Alex or Infowars until I told him today and he is going to mention infowars.com in his service! Thanks for the support I was still going to edit some things and I think I could have done better I was surprised it was posted so fast and I’m sorry about that but it means so much to me its an honor to write for infowars once again! Merry Christmas and God Bless

  2. Thank you Brother , great warning for our Brothers and Sisters in the Lord .
    Read and study the Bible and study history .
    If you don’t know where you came from , you won’t know where we’re going !

    • Thanks again Don and everyone who has given me the support and encouragement to battle the elite from the middle of Chicago behind enemy lines and hopefully one day I can somehow get blessed enough to work for a media outlet like infowars because I have dedicated my life to this fight and helping reach the people with the truth is fulfilling and I hope that I can make a living one day in order to help improve society! God Bless all the Infowars staff, Alex Jones and all the infowarriors across the globe for the support we are all brothers and sisters fighting the devil in his playground!

  3. First draft I will add quotes from Hitler to show how similar the times are today!

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