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Chris Kyle Shooting? What would Rahm Emanuel do?

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February 3, 2013 in Politics


I do not believe this to be a staged false flag, this will be a false flag after the fact, if that makes sense. I can see it now, Eddie Ray Routh and the shooting that has just taken place, can be used to not only take the guns of America, this will give a mandate to the Obama government to check on the status of  weapons owned by American Vets. With the changes in the DsM5 most vets can be disqualified for gun ownership, as are most people, if they are “adjudicated mentally defective” the criteria for which is becoming more general and arbitrary everyday. The attempts to demonize libertarians as violent crazies have proven unsuccessful until now I fear.

Eddie Ray Routh is pictured in this booking photo provided by the Erath County Sheriff’s Office. Routh is a suspect in the shooting and killing of former Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle. REUTERS/Erath County Sheriff’s Office/Handout

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“Symptoms are mostly the same. The 3 clusters of DSM-IV symptoms will be divided into 4 clusters in DSM-5: intrusion symptoms, avoidance symptoms, arousal/reactivity symptoms and negative mood and cognitions. It is proposed that a few symptoms will be added and some revised.”

Let’s imagine President Obama signs an unconstitutional executive order, allowing a vet to be adjudicated mentally defective, based entirely upon personnel records? In one fell swoop he kicks off a violent revolution against “crazies” who won’t give up their deadly weapons…In terms of “gun control” the left will never be satisfied unless 100% of guns are controlled by the left, History and deed are my reference on that point..

The collaborator media is already blaming gun owners and military veterans for the shooting death of Chris Kyle and his friend in Texas.


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