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Choose Your President with Caution – Tips for U.S. Election 2020

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December 16, 2017 in Politics


Though the next Presidential elections of the United Stated seem quite some time away, at least two years, time flies fast and in no time you will find the elections underway. Therefore you need be prepared to choose your correct candidate. The elections in recent times have had extreme press coverage and even the campaigns of the potential candidates are highly publicized.

There are already 129 candidates who have signed up, and this number will only increase. Amidst all this publicity and fanciful advertisements, it is necessary to understand which candidate will take the country further and will help the people more. Hence you have to know which of the issues you want to be dealt with and which candidate is going to work with them.

One of the 129 potential candidates is Hart Cunningham, who has recently released a series of videos to discuss all issues he wants to address. Environmental crisis remains his primary concern. Cunningham has already come up with a renewable energy grid, which will enable people to utilize renewable resources. Cunningham also talks about exploitation of the poor due to lack of education and home ownership, and how this needs to change. He wants to restore equality among all.

Cunningham also champions the cause of women and the fact that they should decide when they want to have children and they should have the right to demand education and run their own business if they want. Cunningham lists many such issues that provide a clear idea as to what kind of President he wants to be and how he wants to empower the U.S. citizens.

Given below are certain points that will help you choose the best candidate.

• Health care is very important, and so are issues regarding abortion. The ideal president would provide health care facilities to every person in equal measures. If one finds the Obamacare to have too many problems then a proper replacement should be thought of. Health care is not an option and you need know your stand when it comes to supporting pro-life and the organizations that support abortion. It is a primary concern and it demands the attention of the President.

• Gun control has been a prevalent issue and you should find your candidate who agrees to your preferences, for example, if you support the use of arms or not and if your chosen candidate supports the legislation of gun control or not.

• Business and personal economic issues of corporate will always be there. But the proper candidate will have knowledge of these and will protect the common people from falling into a trap and getting involved in corporate insatiability. The candidate should also know whether or not he wants the legislation that is preferred by most in the business sector, including the US Chamber of Commerce and exactly how useful this is for the common people.

• Before choosing to vote a candidate, look into his thoughts about those living in poverty and without a roof over their heads. The candidate who prioritizes the homeless and the poor is someone who has compassion and knows that the government is responsible for their welfare too. It should not only be the duty of charities and nonprofit organizations to help those who are less fortunate, but the President too has an immense responsibility towards them.

• The environment is changing and climate change affects every living being. The government should address these environmental concerns along with the involved organizations like the League of Conservation Voters and Environmental Protection Agency.

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