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Brown “Shirts” Don’t Make It! Quit Fool, They Fake IT!:

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February 28, 2013 in Politics



     Does connecting the dots feel as epiphany to you?  The Prophetic words of genius. 

History repeats itself; “Politics”/political theater/ “Military Industrial Complex”-Ike… Dot to Dot…

For your thoughts… survive-All…  o…  28/02/13

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2 responses to Brown “Shirts” Don’t Make It! Quit Fool, They Fake IT!:

  1. Even though I thought Frank was strange, that statement actually makes sense. Now we have to listen to lady ga ga and similar scum.

    • Well, Franks stuff is still out there… Ga-Ga is, as you imply, nothing more than a sell out useful idiot. I do not have to see or hear her to know that… Hey, Be well… We Lived another day… o…

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