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Alex day show 01/04/2013, gun violence and antidepressants

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January 5, 2013 in Politics



First I want to say I am a strong supporter of our constitution and always have been, I do not feel anyone should be expected to give up any of their constitutional rights for any reason. Especially do to the actions or perceived actions of others.  That said, I want to express my outrage on something Alex said during his day show today 01/04/2013.  While talking about gun violence such as with Sandy Hook and drugs often prescribed for depression and anxiety Alex made the comment, “Why do I have to lose my guns because mommy likes to jack her kid up on a bunch of drugs instead of given them a spanking or make them carry out the trash?”   Shortly before making this comment Alex was talking about people with Asperger syndrome (AS) stating they are often on Prozac.  I find Alex’s comment completely ridiculous, irresponsible, and mean because rather than demonizing people that are on antidepressants (many of which have good results) why not demonize the pharmaceutical companies? Companies who release medicines with many potential side effect and sometimes inadequate testing.  Asperger syndrome is a disease that can be completely debilitating and has no cure nor treatment, rather only symptoms can be treated.  Some of those symptoms are depression and anxiety.  The idea of spanking or making children take out the garbage rather than helping them with what can be serious issues is incomprehensible.  From 2009 to the present between 10 and 11% of Americans are reported on some form of Antidepressant with a rise of 75% reported in 2009 (these statistics include children and adults). Not only children, there are many adults that suffer from depression and anxiety which can be debilitating for them as well.

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Antidepressant Use Up 400 Percent in US – 2011


11 percent of Americans use antidepressants, study finds – 2012


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