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A Successful Protest of Black Students

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August 2, 2017 in Politics


The issue of racism is relevant and remains popular for many years and even centuries. The United States of America is one of the brightest examples of this problem. There are multiple reports concerning this great problem. Yearly, this problem appears in different states throughout the country. The reasons and forms of this issue may be different. Nevertheless, the issue of racism always takes place.

One of the recent events related to racism has taken place in Santa Cruz, CA. Black students of the University of California had a protest that lasted for three days and that was dedicated to the problem of racism at their institution. They claimed that the climate at the university was hostile.

This protest was highlighted in the national news. The participants of the protest blamed the authorities of the university that they restricted the rights and privileges of the black students. The grouping of students had their own demands. Amongst those demands were the housing for years to live in special building prepared for the Afro-Americans and to paint the building in the special colors, which are associated with the Pan-Afrikan colors. On the third day of this protest, all the requirements were accepted and the authorities agreed to fulfill them. Such move was wise and essential.

The whole process started due to the fact that the university claimed that the mentioned above building was meant for the black students. Notwithstanding, that was a fake advertising and the black students were not permitted to live there. The protesters simply wanted to protect the rights of their race. They weren’t speaking about other races and nationalities. At that point, they told the level of hostility at the campus was really high. They needed a safe space but had no chance to receive it.

The students said that it is simply impossible to think about their studies, academic progress when they have no roof over their heads. They could not focus on their academic goal, had no time to use the assistance of the dissertation editor or tutor. They have the same rights as the other students have because they pay the same fees and fulfill the necessary duties. Accordingly, it is their right to receive that building.

There was created a special list of all demands. The administration of the university agreed to meet and fulfill all of them so that there would be no conflicts. Under such conditions, the students stopped their demonstration and told that they were happy and satisfied. Now, they received what they wanted and can concentrate on their studies.

The authorities apologized for this big misunderstanding. They gave the promises and guarantees and had to fulfill them. They accepted the list of demand and told that all of them were fair and justified. The authorities don’t need any conflicts on campus and wish to resolve any problems.

They also assured that they will undertake all necessary measurements to prevent similar happenings in the future. Their major objective is to create a friendly atmosphere in the university and make all their students equal to one another. Such decision is definitely correct and important. It shows that the authorities do care about all of their students regardless of their race and gender. Hopefully, there would not appear any similar problems and everybody would be satisfied.

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