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A Planet Versus the Psychopaths (Thomas Sheridan and Fintan Dunne)

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December 18, 2012 in Politics


PSYCHOPATHS                ‘Be Wise as the Serpent, and Gentle as the Dove’    ‘ Woe unto you Pharisees and Scribes, ‘White washed sepulchres, full of dead men’s bones.’  Guess who said this?  A very wise man

Could this be the ROOT of the real and tangible EVIL of this World from time immemorial?   That actual ‘evil’ is not some demon, alien, or dark mist lurking around to infect someone, animal or object?  Have we been  misdirected and deceived by the psychopathic bloodlines and so called rulers throughout history pretending to be placed in authority by ‘god’?  Hence someone should ALWAYS have authority over us?  Have we been duped into believing in this ‘matrix’ of society so we never see where the truth of evil actually comes from … the perfect human predator.

Most likely most people associate psychopaths with:

  • Jason chasing and hacking up victims with his machete
  • Ted Bundy murderer of countless young men and boys
  • Hannibal Lechtor the horrific cannibal of many
  • Jack the Ripper slasher of many women and got away with it

…and they are.

But, did you know that  1 (one) in 25 people you meet are PSYCHOPATHS!  (Maybe more in the U.S.) Many psychopaths are in your world.  They can be your next door neighbor, politician, banker or CEO, a boss at a company where you work, your husband or wife, or even a relative. (My step father was a psychopath)

Research and know who they really are and how they operate … they are perfect predators to divide and conquer and cause individuals, companies, and countries to make war upon themselves. (Thomas Sheridan, paraphrased)

Look at the media…vampires (deceive, manipulate, and suck the life blood from anyone) are now friends and we should love them? Gratuitous sex, violence, violent video games, constant surveillance, brutality, constant pushing of drug and alcohol use, …this is part of the psychopathic mind.  Most of television programming are shows based on ‘authority over you’,  policemen, criminal ‘justice’, prison reality TV, and all to reinforce your subconscious to totally and without question ‘OBEY’ authority.  They will break laws all they time.  All of this to create proto-psychopaths in our society, in our children and youth, we are seeing it everywhere.

Without the protections of  the Constitution THERE ARE NO PROTECTIONS FOR THE AMERICAN PERSON.  Please, educate yourself.

Only 1 percent of the people on the planet own most of the wealth of the world, who we know, are behind the wars, the starving, genocide and eugenics, and torturing and killing mindlessly through drones.  Everyone of us are being manipulated and deceived – our care, empathy and creativity are being used against us to harm, destroy, and kill each other.  Divide and conquer is their motto.

Oh, and that same wise man above said ‘That a time will come when we will have to take up swords to protect ourselves’.






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