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9-11 Benghazi was an Inside Job

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November 16, 2012 in Politics


As a West Pointer (class of ’76) and retired Army Infantry Office there are a few details that I find very troubling concerning the Raid, not an attack on the consulate in Benghazi. An attack is planned to kill people or seize terrain. A raid is design to take people or assets, and to kill only in support of the mission.
The overlooked facts that support that it was a raid, not an attack on the consulate:
1. The terrorist tried to smoke out the ambassador and save the life of Ambassador Stevens by taking him to the hospital. They celebrated that Stevens was alive. If they wanted to kill him, they would not have rushed him to the hospital. They had something to gain by taking him prisoner.
2. The terrorists could have safely mortared the consulate with White Prosperous rounds causing massive loss of life without exposing themselves to danger.
3. The terrorists guarded the hospital, without apparent fear of a counterattack. While Stevens was still alive he was a valuable asset to the enemy.
4. The “disregard on the stand down order”, by the brave Navy Seals, kept the terrorist from finding Ambassador Stevens in time to take him prisoner. The National Command Authority gave the stand down order; the Seals disobeyed an unlawful order, by the National Command Authority, and did their duty. They should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Facts that are not in dispute:
1. The Consulate did not have enough security and everyone knew it, especially our enemies.
2. When the raid began, the national command authority received flash traffic that a US Ambassador was under attack. The National Command Authority (NCA) had to know within a few minutes.
3. Only the national command authority could stop US Force from deploying and protecting our Consulate in Benghazi (US Law).
4. The NCA misled the American people to influence the election.
5. The White House logs will show that the President went to his personal quarters before Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were killed. Like Nero fiddling, Obama slept while American’s died proving the NCA was derelict in their duties.
6. At no time were the terrorist concerned about US Forces counterattacking them. They knew they were safe from a counterattacks/rescue operations conducted by the Marines, Delta Force, or the US Air Force. (Makes it look like an inside job).

Conclusions based upon what happened before, during and after the raid:

1. This looks like an inside job. The US Government may not have been complicit, but the Libyan government never responded. It’s hard to believe the US government tolerated this raid, without being complicit.
2. The National Command Authority fought harder to keep funding the complicit Libyan government after the 911 raid than it did to stop the 911 raid. The NCA made sure that the Libyan government knew their funding was safe, even though or Consulate wasn’t safe.
3. The Marines guard embassies in danger places, such as Paris, London, and Rome. When the Marines aren’t deployed in the dangerous Embassies/Consulates, then everything was not done to keep our Ambassadors safe.
4. The NCA lied to the people, to fool them from prior to a national election.
5. As the lies and scandals increase, the lack of faith that citizens have in the NCA and the Media that fails in its duty to keep the electorate informed.

What should happen:

1. Obama should be impeached by the House and Convicted by the Senate.
2. Other government officials, who participated in the failure to respond to the raid and the cover up, should be impeached by the Congress and convicted by the Senate.
3. The press who failed to cover this story and was complicit in the government should be charged with sedition.
4. Each person convicted, should serve time in prison.

What will probably happen:

1. The Congress and Senate will run like sissies as soon as Obama plays the race card. The Justice Brothers (Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson) will remind all their mantra, “no justice no peace”.
2. Obama will become a bigger despot, because Congress lacks the spine to impeach a president, who would hang US citizens out to dry, without consequences.
3. The corruption will increase as we become a banana republic, with a gutless windbags Congress.

In conclusion:

1. The terrorist wanted Ambassador Stevens alive.
2. The security in the consulate was inadequate and everyone, including our enemies knew it was easy pickings.
3. The NCA knew about the raid and had time to safeguard American personnel and classified material.
4. The President went to bed, before the follow on attack on the CIA Annex was over. His planned campaign event in Las Vegas was more important. The attacking enemy knew that no follow on force was counterattacking them. This makes it an inside job
5. The subsequent scandals are a smoke screen to keep the American Peoples focus off the fact that American citizens were attacked on American soil, while Obama slept.
6. The republic is on life support, the corruption displayed in this incident, shows that the NCA, the media and much of Congress believes the end justifies the means. Only the most evil among us believes that the end justifies the means.
7. We the People need representatives in Congress and the White House who respect the Constitution of the United States and the people they represent. If we do not clean up the cesspool that is Washington, D.C. we will be poor serfs, who serve a corrupt government.

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  1. And “In conclusion”… DITTO! o…

  2. Greetings, On the 14th I wrote of the same feelings regarding the stand down order and the fact that there was a time that America would have posthumously given medals and celebrated their actions… HERO”S!!!…
    Thank you for your take, and I am glad, that there are others, that have seen how they have been brushed under the carpet, to be forgotten… When their names should be spoken loudly and with pride, while “Those” that planned and gave orders, along with those that followed an unlawful order, should be corralled. That is of course saying it politely… Survive-All… o…

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