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6 Tips To Create A Powerful Presentation

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August 16, 2017 in Politics


Creating a compelling presentation is not always an easy task. Especially, in the last years, when the audience becomes more and more demanding. Thus, entertaining and engaging the listeners becomes an issue. There are so many limitations and requirements nowadays: “be funny,” “be informative,” “make it all short,” “be serious”… If following all of them you probably will end up with nothing.

Create A Powerful Presentation

We have thought of some general tips to help you in designing the strategy of your presentation, not concentrating on the fulfillment. We are sure this will help you way better, for the information you are about to present, can be organized differently, and nobody can tell you how exactly.

1. Make a Plan. Yeah, not a brand new advice, but the best one definitely. Preparing your speech and presentation always brings good results, checked. Think of the key point you are about to highlight, consider general structure, write a short outline. This small step eases the process a thousand-fold, for from that point you only need to fill in the gaps.

2. Do Not Use Clip Art. Sure, it all was popular and fresh in the 90s. But more than 20 years passed since that time and technology goes on. People are always expecting to see something they have never seen before. Something new, breathtaking, modern and stylish. If you are not that much into technologies, use big, high-resolution photos and simple background colors. They are always trendy.

3. Appeal to Authorities. This is always a good trick to convince your listeners and support the ideas you are presenting. No matter which topic you chose, there is always somebody famous who said something about it. You can find quotations in Macbeth to support business ideas or Steve Jobs’s sayings about literature. Or did I confuse them? Well, my point is, use Macbeth Study Guide or Steve Jobs’s interviews as long as it is helping.

4. Do Not Follow the Rules. First of all, most of them are not working anymore. We live in a time when rules are changing almost every day. Do not bother yourself with the following something today that won’t be useful tomorrow. Secondly, your presentation should meet your needs and your goals. If the rules are not helping, forget about them. If tips are useless, why struggle to use them?

5. Create an emotional connection. If you want to be heard, you need to involve emotions. If you want your audience to remember what you were talking about, you need to include emotions. Do not cry in front of your listeners. Make up a story, think of the example from the real life or fiction, this always works. Characters of Macbeth can serve you perfectly; they cover the vast variety of real people characters. And, let’s be honest, everybody’s familiar with those heroes. An easy hook to grab attention and create an emotional connection.

6. Be Yourself. It is important you stay honest. If not, your audience will notice it immediately. Being a shy-guy is not always a bad strategy, as the statistics say, the lower and quieter is the tone of your voice, the more people listen to you. But being a shy-guy trying to play the role of a super-confident leader is surely a bad idea. Once people notice, they stop listening to you immediately.

Summing it all up, we would love to say only one thing. The key to a compelling presentation is you. Your personality and your choices are the best sources of inspiration, ideas, and decisions. Do not hold yourself back trying to fit in all the instructions in the world. They are changing every day, so why won’t you create something completely different if you want?

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