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5 most useful apps for political junkies

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May 4, 2017 in Politics


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Every now and then something is happening in the political world and this makes it difficult for those who love politics to keep up with everything. No matter how much they try, there is a possibility of missing out on some political events. Luckily, there are apps that ease the overwhelming feeling of keeping track of political events. There are apps that will also help political minded individuals to know more about their political leaders. The following is a review of some of those apps.


This app makes use of location technology to link users to their regional representatives in the government. Through this app, users are able to follow what their representatives are up to, including the bills they are voting on. The app allows users to keep track of all the bills hitting the floor in congress and can also express their opinions through votes which are delivered to the representatives. Through this vote, the representative is able to know the will of the people in relation to the bill.


Sitegeist is an app developed by Sunlight Foundation with the aim of helping users to know about the political standings of the people around them. Most people cannot help but wonder about the political leanings of the people around them. Using location technology, the app draws on a collection of publicly available national information in order to determine the political positions of the people in the location of the user. The collected information can be used to determine the voting tendencies of the people and the user’s contribution in the area.


This is an app that determines the accuracy and truthfulness of the claims made by politicians. Based on research of the statements the politicians have made before, the app determines if the claims are facts or not. One of the features in the app is the truth index, which shows how truthful a politician is based on the recent statements. This is essential in helping to determine which politicians one can believe since most of them are masterminds of deception. It also helps to eliminate confusion and bring clarity in relation to the political views of the politicians.

Poll tracker

This is an app developed by TPM, and it helps users to stay updated during an election period by availing the latest polling data. Poll Tracker gathers all publicly available polling data, compiles the data in a regression analysis. The results are displayed in the form of averages, in depth break downs or graphics of the numbers. The results can be used to show political leanings of people as well as the demographics. For instance, during an election period, a politician polling over a specified duration can be analysed and the results displayed in the form of a graph alongside their opponent. This app makes use of the analysis from TPM reporters to gather polling data for analysis. Upon results, users receive push up notifications and this makes it easy to keep track of the elections.


This app developed by Cohen Research GROUP with the objective of empowering the people by allowing the users to learn about and connect with the members or the congress. This app offers information on each of the 535 members of the congress, including biographical information, contact, and campaign statistics among others. It allows political oriented individuals to know the members of the house and the senate in depth. This implies that users will also be aware of the political standings of their representatives. Congress+ also allows users to follow legislative activity in real time, thus able to keep track of the bills the representatives are supporting.
These iPhone apps come in handy in empowering politicians. It is necessary to note that some iPhone users are limited to using these apps due to a locked iCloud account. However, you can always unlock your iCloud account with these tips and utilize other cheaper network’s data.

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