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Why to travel to Nicaragua?

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January 8, 2018 in Outdoors


Nicaragua nowadays is telling hello to all those people that have thought or have considered going to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica for long have been the chosen spot by tourist due to its eco-tourism and absence of political battles, also its high pro- ecology task has reached the goal of ranking the country in the eco and adventure category for long.

But Nicaragua is emerging like a new destiny ready to be lived and discovered, our nation lately has been categorized as the safest nation in America central and waves of tourist are visiting the country. Also important magazines like Forbes have taken in count to Nicaragua for recommending it as a destiny to spend vacations. Many touristic projects have been developed, luxury hotels like Mukul resort and lodge and spa Pacaya hotel with much money invested are good signal of the potential that Nicaragua represents actually.

Nicaragua by being situated on the same region than Costa Rica counts with similar touristic offers such as the long coast on the pacific zone, cloud forest and biodiversity.

However, Nicaragua has singular details that make it a better destiny than Costa Rica.

For instance, it counts with waves of world level located in the beaches at south of the country, beaches like Maderas, playa Hermosa, Popoyo and Colorado, all they are the new destiny for the lovers of surfing, Nicaragua got into the new mecca for surfing in the world.

An extra touch is the colonial cities, Granada and Leon,

Granada sometimes is called the Paris of America; it’s a complete architectonic beauty alive through the time, it takes your imagination and makes you feel in the old and glamorous Europe.

The words are not enough to try to explain what you soul will feel here.

In what other place will you have the shot to make sandbording from the tops of volcanoes like in Nicaragua? Other fact to take in count is that Nicaragua gives you the opportunity to enjoy places that till lately had been hidden for the others like Somoto canyon.

Also here it’s easy to have intense adventure with a cheap budget if you want it, as well the country is bigger than Costa Rica and it means that there are more places to meet.

No worry for data to be in contact with your family while enjoying your holidays because in all the parks there is internet. Take your passport and beforehand you could book a tourism agency online to guide you in your tour and make it nicer.

Come and discover with us Nicaragua in a safe way

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