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What air purifier should I buy?

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November 11, 2017 in Outdoors


Well, as with everything, there are certain considerations that you should not ignore. On the one hand we have the part that affects only the air purifier , while on the other is our real need . We do not have to make the mistake of thinking that because it is more expensive, an air purifier will solve the ballot better than another that costs half; We strongly recommend a deep and sincere reflection of where we are going to use the device -what rooms or rooms-, when are we going to do it -at what time of the day- and for what purpose -yes, clean, but there are levels and levels.

The importance of the stay

When we buy an best air purifier, we can see that one of its specifications is the cleaning capacity . It is given in square or cubic meters, depending on the brand. This data indicates the maximum size -in surface or volume, respectively- of the room to be cleaned so that the result is optimal; that is, unbeatable according to the characteristics of the purifier. It is not the same to clean the environment of a room of 12 square meters than that of one of 80 . It has logic, right?

The importance of power

The power of an air purifier is closely related to its capacity. The more power we have, the faster it will clean the air in the room the size indicated in the specifications. If the purifier is located in a larger room, the power will be less relevant, because although it takes longer to perform its mission, it will not be to leave the perfect room, but to leave it as clean as possible. If the air purifier is, instead, located inside a room smaller than dictated by the instructions, the power can be reduced to do the same work that would be done in a larger room: clean the environment thoroughly . The reduction of the power entails areduction of the consumption of light , so it is a fact that we have to take into account without fail, especially in these times.

Adequate dimensions

What dimensions are appropriate? With air purifiers it happens that, as a general rule, the larger they are, the more work capacity they usually have . It is not a determining factor to evaluate the quality of an air purifier , but it is in terms of the decoration of our house and comfort of transfer, since sometimes air purifiers exceed 60 centimeters in height and is Completely impossible to camouflage them .

In addition, the larger they are, the logic dictates that they will weigh more, so their transfer will be more difficult . Being a sophisticated device that entails a certain economic cost for the interested party, it is usual to have one at home, especially if it is mid-range or high-end. Therefore, the person in charge what he does is move it from one room to another , because although we leave the air purifier in a room and have all the interior doors of the house open, it will purify the room where you are, while the others will hardly notice the effect. They may come to do so, but it will not be like the “origin” room. For all these reasons it is necessary to take into account their physical characteristics.


The filter to an air purifier is like a motor to your car. It is what marks its quality , although so far there is not a huge variety as it happens with the engines of cars. The filter par excellence of air purifiers is HEPA . We have to be careful when we read the features provided by advertisers, as they often try to confuse us without crossing the line of illegality or fraudulent advertising by saying that the air purifier has a HEPA filter, when what we really want is a HEPA filter . That of “type” HEPA is not the same, and they say it in terms of effectiveness, which is relatively similar. But for a filter to be HEPA,must comply with standards previously established by the competent organization, which are other than catching, with 99.97% effectiveness, all particles equal to or greater than 0.3 microns. This is understood by the acronym, which comes from the English expression High Efficiency Particulate Air .

As a general rule, what makes an air purifier is considered low-end or mid-range – and high, of course – is the possession of such a filter. If it is HEPA, we will find a substantial increase in the price and, obviously, in the quality of the air cleaning . If it is not, the alarms do not have to go on, because the cleaning results can be more than satisfactory for our purposes. In many occasions, we do not need to pay for this type of filter; that is why it is so necessary to make a sincere reflection prior to the purchase.


Virtually all models have different operating speeds incorporated . They serve to regulate the speed with which we want our air purifier to act. We usually meet with night mode , with turbo mode and intermediate modes . Of the intermediaries we will not say anything because their name says it all. From the night, comment that in theory the purifier works at a minimum performance, drastically reducing – as the theory marks – the noisewhat it generates normally. This noise can be heard at its peak when choosing the turbo mode, with which the device maximizes its performance and filters air as quickly as possible. We usually use it if we are in a hurry or for situations in which we get through the window an excessive amount of dust that we did not expect to have it open.

Ionizing function

The ionizing function is also usually present in almost all air purifiers, although there are some low-end that still do not have it. What it does is emanate ions of negative charge , which through chemical bonds are joined to positive particles generated by electromagnetic devices, normally the most harmful to our health . With the union heavier elements are formed, which fall to the ground and stop being a danger for us especially for the little ones. Disappear when we do the general cleaning of the house.

Active carbon layer

The active carbon layer is responsible for removing odoriferous particles . The carbon of said filter is treated with oxygen, which causes the opening of many pores between its atoms. These pores, when the molecules are released, act as absorbent and cause the odors, gases and liquid pollutants to disappear from the environment.


Noise air purifiersAnd here we come to one of the key points of this guide. It is what will determine how annoying an air purifier is , without a doubt. Before buying anything, we have to be clear that an air purifier is a mechanical machine, so it will emit noise by force. How much? We will have to see it in the specifications, and try to inform us by other means of whether it is a high or low data for what we are willing to support.

Within the market, air purifiers that boast of not producing noise usually do not go below 30 decibels . We say it as a guide or reference, since this amount may be too high for someone and too low for another person. One aspect to consider is whether we intend to have the air purifier connected to our bedroom while we are sleeping. If we are very light of sleep we can have problems when it comes to keeping us asleep, so it is very convenient to consider the working hours. The night mode of the purifiers does not have to deceive us, because the only difference with the standard power is that the noise is partially reduced, but it is not completely eliminated at all. If you have ever bought an air conditioner, you will know what we are talking about.

Air purifier programming

Interestingly, not all devices are possessing such a simple a priori function as programming in advance. It seems to us a most useful application when we have decided to sleep with the air purifier on , as well as when we want the environment to be clean when we get home from work. What we get with programming is telling you when to turn off without needing us to go to the button . It is not a determining function to measure the quality of the purifier, since, as we say, there are those who have it and there are no, being indifferent the fact that the device is low-end as medium or high.

Autonomy – The best of the best

This is the element that only high-end air purifiers have . It is tremendously comfortable, because it allows the device to work independently without having to worry about the electricity bill.

The autonomous air purifiers have sensors capable of measuring the dirt in the environment , and of informing you by means of some visual element – LED lights, normally – of the air quality. If we activate the independent mode, it acts according to what its indicator indicates. It gets more power, unless it consumes more energy, saves, works to the maximum, relaxes for a while … makes the right decisions, and the icing on the cake comes when the sun starts to go. The device captures the photons emitted by the sun kingand identify if it is getting dark, dawning or if you are at a time when the sun shines as never before. If you decide that it is night, the device is put to a minimum performance, even turning off the led lights so that they do not hinder our sleep. Being a high-end air purifier, its night mode by habit is usually quieter than that of other purifiers, making it easier than ever to sleep with it plugged in.

Other additional elements

Those that we have just seen are the most typical elements of air purifiers that we can find in the market. In addition to these, we can find others that can be decisive when it comes to establishing the price. This is the case of the remote control , for example: comfortable to the greatest extent possible, although unnecessary depending on the cases. So is the device’s openings ; that is, where the air is expelled. The capacity of cubic meters of filtered air per hour is also usually an important indicator of quality and, therefore, of price. To finish, we will have to realize that the finishes will be another factor that, without altering the slightest operation of the purifier, can cause it to skyrocket in price by presenting a more elegant and sophisticated design.

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