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Useful Tips to Make Firewood by Yourself

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October 30, 2017 in Outdoors


Making firewood is not an easy job. From splitting to stacking and storing, it requires heavy tools and strength. However, it’s not a dangerous chore. So, instead of purchasing firewood, why don’t you try making firewood by yourself for the upcoming winter? And try consulting some useful tips and tricks below to know what you’re going to do is so simple.

making firewood by yourself
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Tips to make firewood by yourself

Select the proper wood

Whenever trees break off in the wind or outgrow their designated space or even die, you easily find the potential for wood. But, not all the trees are used to make firewood. For instance, never use softer woods such as aspen or poplar. The best thing is to pick hardwood trees like hickory, oak or ash since it can burn hotter and longer.

Choose the right tool

Don’t be surprised when knowing that an axe is not the best tool for splitting logs. If you’re dealing with smaller pieces of wood, it will be okay. But, avoid using it for the larger ones, got it?

For bigger logs, the first thing you should do is to take a chainsaw to cut them into smaller ones. But make sure you use a good chainsaw sharpener in order to make the chainsaw sharp first. For heavy chopping, you need to buy the best splitting maul if you don’t get yourself one. The maul looks like a sledgehammer and an axe, and it’s attached to a wider head to help you cut through big logs with ease.

Find an ideal chopping block

Never put the wood directly on the ground while chopping since it might damage the edge of the maul or axe. The best thing is to look for a stump or something stable and hard like concrete since it offers little to no bounce. After having a nice chopping block, you need to secure the logs in place to chop them with ease. Instead of looking for an expensive tool, why don’t you try using an old tire or the bungee cord? These things do not only stay the logs in place, but the pieces you chop will be also held neatly.

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Let’s split

It’s important to pay attention to your pose so that you can create the strong force for splitting the logs. Place your non-dominant hand near to the bottom of the handle and the dominant one is near to the maul’s head. Be sure to move your shoulders and legs parallel. Slide the upper hand down while bringing the maul down in order to create more speed. And always leave a bit area in between both hands when making contact with the log. Never put too much force for splitting or you might get exhausted and even hurt.

Tips to stack and store firewood

Stack firewood

Before using firewood, you need to let it dry at least six months. To the hardwood, it might take from 1 to 2 years. Please check where the wind usually blows at your home and then build a stack so that it’s parallel to the wind’s direction. This brings a natural breeze tunnel for your stack and makes the firewood dry quicker. Be sure to stack the wood pieces with some inches between to avoid moisture. Last but not least, remember that the best season to stack the wood is in the summer since the heat and sun will enhance the drying process.

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Store firewood

Never store firewood on the ground because the moisture from the ground might soak through and badly affect the quality of firewood. A concrete pad is quite ideal. And don’t forget to get a large fiberglass tarp to cover the firewood. To be sure of success, you can use tarp papers as an extra layer under the tarp. Or in case you have room indoors to keep the firewood, put it in there. However, just bring a small pile of firewood that you’re planning to use. It’s because this permits the wood to dry out even before putting into the fireplace. Of course, the unseasoned firewood is not welcomed here because it might hold bugs and
annoying creatures you don’t want indoors.

Test the firewood

How do you know whether the firewood is correctly seasoned and willing to put into a fireplace? Truly, it’s not hard to recognize. The ideal firewood should be yellow or grey or deep brown in color (if it is cream, light brown or white, it’s still wet). Or try banging two pieces together and hear whether there is a hollow sound or not. Or if you feel that it’s lighter than it did and has some cracks in its grains, it’s perfect.

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In summary

Just read this article from the beginning to end, you will be equipped with some useful tips to make firewood by yourself. In case you still wonder, don’t mind leaving your comments below and get my response instantly.

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