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Truth Is The Essence Of Reality

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November 6, 2015 in Outdoors


All that’s left in the way is the kleptocracy of aristocratic imbeciles misusing the ‘fed’ to buyout elections with the main influence swing largely contributed to the media. They’ve never been in full control nor ever could be because they themselves do not understand their own. Humanity is beautiful but what the world has become is terrible. It seems people rather place blame than fix the big problems, if it involves justice than good, so love what’s most important in the end equation. We can fix tons of problems by recognizing what the Bill of Rights stands for; limitations on government and not stating the rights of people because those made clear and a lot more were already naturally endowed.

Government abuse runs rampant now, tyranny, corruption… it’s all plaguing our nation the most. It’s the tool evil souls can easily use to dominate on a massive scale the lives of susceptible people. How powerful mankind is does scare the globalists to death which is why they’ve hidden great truths at insane costs. Having pride in oneself isn’t helpful and confidence only shows well if one’s a decent individual. Life is far more potent than could ever be televised, reality in its entirety is more intense than could ever be envisioned by the best of us. Love and truth prospers everlasting. There’s no other way than Christ for what’s an eternity of hope and peace.

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